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Por favor, añada la documentación de apoyo, fotos, enlaces web, o clips de vídeo, aquí.

Please add any supporting documentation, photos, web-links, or video-clips here.


Haga clic en el archivo PDF adjunto a leer la propuesta completa de ASART

Click the PDF attachment below to read the complete nomination of ASART




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You can watch one of the videos of the "Barrio Limpio, Barrio Sano" (A clean neighborhood is a clean one) Campaign by ASART here:

This is a slide presentation of photos of the Barrio Limpio Barrio Sano Campaign by ASART in Nicaragua.
Muchas gracias a Sara!  Thanks Sara - this really helps us understand ASART more!

Thank you for the nomination Sarah!  Hope I can meet you any time soon... I would like to invite all of you to participate as volunteers in the development of our peace building programs in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  All the best!


ASART is now working on a building project called ECO-LADRILLOS (Eco-Bricks) in the Elementary School of Acahualinca, Managua, Nicaragua. The total cost od the building is less than 1500 usd. The use of ECOBRICKS significantly reduces the construction costs. In the pictures you can see on the Facebook link below the buildings still need to be painted, but the main structure has been finished. Please visit the link below!!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150214009831834.348321.317306376833

May GOD give us more strength to continue our advocacy for peace; peace in our heart, mind, body , soul and spirit. These may ignite to our family, friends, community, country and the whole world. 

kalinaw mindanao movement, inc. Year theme " Blessed are those who work for peace for they shall be called the children of the Holy GOD"


GOD bless all peace advocates!


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