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Firstly, for me it was very cognitive and efficiently to wirk with PATRIRs' team in the overall project, secondly PATRIRs' trainings really gave me a lot of new information, things to think about and a lot of information to learn.

For me it was a great honor and great pleasure to work in such a wonderful team of professionals

For a Romanian based organization, PATRIR has an incredible international reach. I've been exposed to the institutes work in the field of peace building and peace training and i'm delighted to write here about the passion and commitment shown by the PATRIR team. I can vouch for their dedication in raising the awareness of their extraordinary vision here in Romania and I feel confident in their chances in winning this award. They really deserve it.

Flavius Tone, Foreign Policy Magazine Romania

I would like to congratulate PATRIR for the nomination. My first contact with PATRIR started after the inspiring meeting I had with its Director Kai Brand-Jacobsen at the "Peacebuilding workshop for Middle-East organizations" - Amman 2006, organized by a group of European Associations. Thanks to PATRIR a group of nonviolent activists funded the first Iraqi Nonviolence Network called LAONF (nonviolence in arabic). Since then, I started to became more familiar with the practice of conflict transformation and prevention of violence as a choice for the change. I have read in PATRIR library so many and different books about the Post Conflict Transformation, and they have truly been an inspiration. I am thankful having been in contact with Kai since 2006, and I look forward for future cooperation.

My very best wishes to the whole PATRIR team, hoping they will receive the World Vision International Peace Prize. They certainly deserve it.


Simona Torretta

Italian Development Cooperation

Dear International Awards Committee,


Positive transformation is not an easy task neither an easy path. During the last year, I have been impacted by an energy wave of peace in my life, in this vein I want to highlight that one of the contributors to this awesome transformation has been PATRIR through his President Kai Brand-Jacobsen.


Passion, inspiration and constant work are some of the main pillars of PATRIR which continuously have spread peacebuilding work in so many parts of the world, thus in humans.


I thank and knowledge the right choice of PATRIR as one of the candidates for the World Vision  International Peace Prize, therefore I invite you to support and recognize as me PATRIR´s peace efforts via winning this prize.



It is with great pleasure and honor that Holy Land Trust ( fully supports the nomination of PATRIR for the World Vision Peace Prize. We have known and directly worked with PATRIR and its team of professional and highly qualified peace building staff for many years and the influence they have had on our own development in this field and in the Palestinian community is unprecedented. From diligent high quality academic research, to engagement in direct grassroots activism and peace building, the methodology of  work done by PATRIR, locally and globally has become key in many aspects of the global peace and conflict resolution movements.

I look forward to a strengthened partnership of work between World Vision and PATRIR for future work in this field.

In peace

Sami Awad

Executive Director

Holy Land Trust

Feedback form experts and practitioners from all over the world who took part in PATRIR training programmes, organised by the International Peace and Development Training Center.


It's been an honour for me to meet Mr. Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Director of the Department of Peace Operations (DPO)and President of PATRIR while accompanying the former British Ambassador during an official visit to Cluj in May 2010.
I will never forget the feeling of utter joy that I had when I learnt that there are people in Romania who have dedicated their entire life to the fight against violence of any sort. During the speech delivered by Mr. Jacobsen together with Mr. Robin Barnett (HMA to Romania)I realised that my Embassy colleagues might not have the chance that I had to hear this message of peace! So, I asked Mr. Jacobsen to come to the Embassy and talk to my colleagues. My invitation was honoured and the impression this wonderful message had on my mates is hard to describe in words. Everyone was present! And everyone was eager to learn more and thus to do more. Lots of questions were asked and so the extensive, amasing work of PATRIR was unveiled to us all. A meeting that was supposed to last for 30 minutes took more than 2 hours, such was the thirst people had.
PATRIR is still very present in our minds and hearts and I hope this nomination is succesful as they do make a difference in peace building all around the world.
Alina Ion

PATRIR welcomed me in my first international experience and I found them very kind and helpful....they open their doors for me to volunteer and improve my skills, giving me the space to participate in their projects as a member of the team!!!!

Thank you PATRIR for being my first home!!!!

Good luck,

Fernanda Krum


Glocal Tour is a 3-year international project funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), Salezjanski Wolontariat Misyjny-Młodzi Swiatu (SWM Youth for the World) – Poland, Verein Niedersächsischer Bilungsinitiativen e.V.(VNB) – Germany, and… Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo (VIS) – Italy.

The main project objective is to reinforce the use of peer education as a tool for raising the awareness of European students and create a common approach to Development Education among the teachers. This will be achieved by bringing local ideas to global level and, in consequence, encouraging the interactions between the targeted youth and educators.

The development issues addressed are Millenium Development Goals related issues, such as: poverty, primary education accessibility, child and maternal health, combating disease, gender equality, and sustainable development. Therefore, the MDG agenda is viewed as a common challenge, especially in the context of children and youth and from the point of view of global influence to their lives and development.

Love the work of PATRIR!   Shanti, Jan Passion
Although, I am not that much of familiar with the PATRIR, I know Mr.  Kai Brand-Jacobson since a long. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kai, the PATRIR team has been working for world peace, security and just society. His synergy to conflict transformation is much appreciated. He even tried to do something on Nepal's peace process while Nepal had been heading towards armed insurgency. His recommendation to minimize ideological warfare was a good step to transform the violent conflict by peaceful means. I have a full support with PATRIR team and I wish to congratulate for their grand success in each step of peace work.
On behalf of the Norwegian Peace Council I Congratulate you on this great nomination. I truely hope you win the prize for your stabile commitment to peace-building work. All the best, Hedda Langemyr, Norway!


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