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Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) a href=">" target="_blank">>; has worked closely with PATRIR as one of our member organizations since our beginning in 2002.  PATRIR has played a vital role in not only the development of NP but also in the maturation of unarmed civilian peacekeeping as an effective instrument for protecting civilians and preventing violence.  They have helped develop and hosted peacekeeper training, advised on prospective peacekeeping projects  and through Kai Brand-Jacobsen’s participation on the International Governance Committee for our first five years shaped the entire organization.

FROM Sushma Bajracharya, Technical Team Leader, Support to Peace process in Nepal, GIZ

To whom it may concern

Endorsement for PATRIR for World Vision Peace Prize

It is my pleasure to endorse PATRIR for this prize.  I know PATRIR since 2002 and have participated in various peace building training programes and peace summer schools.  GIZ, the former GTZ has used PATRIR in Nepal several times for supporting peace processes in Nepal. Various resource persons from PATRIR including Mr. Kai Brand Jacobsen has supported immensely in the peace process of Nepal by facilitating creation of local capacities for peace at various levels from the very grass root to national level. They have trained the human rights activists of Nepal and also the media people.  Personally, I have benefitted a lot from their programmes during my work in Nepal, Sri Lanka and East Timor. I also know that they are contributing significantly to the peace processes in many other parts of the world.  Moreover, they facilitatE networking of the peace workers from all over the world, which really helps people like me to continue working for peace. I am endorsing PATRIR, because I know that they deserve it.  I am sure that they will continue working for Peace in the world.




Sushma Bajracharya

Technical Team Leader

Support to Peace process in Nepal






PATRIR has been offering us a great support with some of the projects we developed as partners. One of these is the caravan called "Challenge discrimination" which takes place in several Romanian cities.

Patrir's stuff put in the effort and dedication so that this project can be a success.

I am happy and honored to work with a team for which work equals passion!


Good luck and fingers crossed!

To whom it may concern


Congratulations to the PATRIR team for the World Vision peace prize nomination. I hereby would like to support their candidature.


In my work with the German peacebuilding organisation Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) I have been in contact with PATRIR since 2004, mainly in the context of the European Network for Civil Peace Services (EN.CPS) for which PATRIR also hosted the annual meeting in Romania in 2005. The same year I had the chance to participate in one of the institute's 5-day training courses. Since then exchange between our organisations has developed, largely due to PATRIR's ability of using cooperation opportunities for mutual benefit, both with our training department (Academy for Conflict Transformation) and in the framework of EU advocacy initiatives such as the 'Europe Vote for Peace!' campaign around the 2009 European Parliament elections and in connection with EN.CPS contributions to the work of the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO).


What I value most in my contacts and work relationships with different PATRIR colleages is their strong committment to value-based peacebuilding and their focus on the concerns of real people in real places. Of additional value I see their creativity, spirit of community and the willingness to always become more professional. Through hard work over the last years PATRIR has steadily developed as an organisation, with its projects and trainings it is realising impact with relatively little resources.


The World Vision peace prize would not only value the PATRIR team's outstanding dedication and achievements. Giving the prize to a Romanian organisation would also be an important sign to support more public recognition of peacebuilding and conflict resolution in a new EU member state / in Eastern Europe.


Jochen Schmidt

forumZFD, coordinator for European cooperation

EN.CPS representative to EPLO

Meeting Patrir team it was indeed one of the best professional experience of my life. Ideals, involvement, passion, concret work and concret results - ingredients for building deeply inside the fundaments of the society. Moreover, think big seems to be a natural way to think in Patrir and Kai offers his life and his experience as model to follow. People who understand that respect and friendship are the core values for bringing toghether a huge team from all over the world, for making things better toghether. PATRIR is not only a small team in Cluj; PATRIR is a broad network in the worls, a netork including people who met somebody from Patrir and felt the inner duty to bring in their life, in their comunity Patrir's values.

The Georgian Human Rights Center is cooperating with PATRIR for years. Our staff members have attended trainings and other meetings organised by PATRIR. We are actively involved in development of the Black Sea Peacebuilding Platform initiative (BSPPi), initiated by PATRIR in 2009.  I am very impressed by professionalism and expertice of PATRIR team. PATRIR is changing people, unites devided societies.
I fully support PATRIR's nomination for the Peace Prize.

Thank you, PATRIR.


Ucha Nanuashvili

Executive Director,

Human Rights Center, Georgia

I began to work in PATRIR in January within the Department of Peace Operations. I was fascinated to realize that I was  assimilated immediatly in a group of people working toghether for a project regarding the Arab Spring: MENA WATCH. For about 3 mounths, 2 teams from Cluj and Bucharest we selected the most important articles, comments, analyzesvideos, photos regarding the events from each country from Middle East and North of Africa. We shared this information on MENA Watch site and Facebook, but also with profesors, students, researchers interested in analyzing the events. It was a great experience!


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