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It's been an honour to work with PATRIR since 2005. It has changed completely my path in life. Before all this I was doing Computer Science in my University studies.

The best about PATRIR is the trust it places on people and the great opportunities to be trained and to work in the field.

This year we are 10 years old. Me, Denisa and Denis have worked 6 of them. Zsuzsa has worked 5 of them. Bianca and Andra worked 4 of them. And there are others ... In civil society organisation people working for these many years in the same organisation it says a LOT!


Some of the things we've done together ...

Corina Simon

Department of Peace Operations Associate, PATRIR


Corina Simon has been with the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) since September 2005. She has headed the Secretariat of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace working to strengthen government infrastructure and capacities for peacebuilding, prevention, and post-war recovery. She has been a team member of the Moldova-Transdniestria programme of the Institute supporting both government and civil society peacebuilding engagements and was Coordinator of the Cooperative Peacebuilding Project (CPP). She is currently a Peacebuilding Advisor with the Department of Peace Operations and Associate for the Black Sea Region with special focus on strengthening state and civil society capacities for peacebuilding, mediation and operational and structural prevention. In 2010 she provided support to Save the Children Norway in the development of their youth peacebuilding programmes and assisted in facilitating workshops in Uganda and Guatemala. She is a member of the Institute’s support team to the Commonwealth Secretariat working to strengthen the Secretariat’s capabilities for effective prevention and peacebuilding.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Government and Civil Society Infrastructure for Peace
  • Peace and Conflict Impact Assessments
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Peacebuilding Programmes
  • Civil Society Peacebuilding
  1. Children and Youth Peacebuilding
  • Networking and Coordination with Governments and Civil Society
  • Mediation and Good Offices
  • Preventing Political and Electoral Violence
  • Non-violent communication

Geographic Experience:

  • Moldova-Transdniestria and the wider Black Sea Region
  • Northern Ireland
  • Romania
  • Uganda
  • Guatemala

Corina is skilled in programme design and management, training and dialogue design and facilitation, as well as transformative mediation, research methods, advocacy and lobbying.  Her research interests are in civil society peacebuilding and conflict transformation, peace infrastructures such as ministries and departments of peace and civil peace services and evaluating impact (individual and cumulative) of peacebuilding initiatives.

Corina is also affiliated and working part-time with the World Spirit Youth Council with the non-profit Children of the Earth since February 2008.

With a small team, PATRIR has incredible depth and extraordinary global reach. They pay attention to their immediate communities but play a considerable role in training and facilitating conflict transformation worldwide. They both surf the new waves of new trends and anticipate the next ones on the horizon.


I've been a staff off PATRIR between 2001 and 2005 and since then an affiliated trainer and member. PATRIR has been the only Romanian organization specifically working on comprehensive peacebuilding approaches in the last decade, reaching out way beyond the country's borders. The Romanian Peace Institute is backed up by a dinamic and vibrant movement and family of peaceworkers from across the world.

My life has been deeply and gratiously impacted by working with the team at PATRIR, from walking 500 km in a peace march to Bucharest and working against violence in schools and communities, to doing peacework in Romania, Moldova, the Philippines, Iraq, Burundi, the Sudan and elsewhere.

I gladly endorse PATRIR for the prize as one of the organizations and movements which connects local and global very well and which is one of the most progressive and effective post-war reconstruction contributor to the field of peacebuilding!


Sabin Muresan 

May GOD give us more strength to continue our advocacy for peace; peace in our heart, mind, body , soul and spirit. These may ignite to our family, friends, community, country and the whole world. 

kalinaw mindanao movement, inc. Year theme " Blessed are those who work for peace for they shall be called the children of the Holy GOD"


GOD bless all peace advocates!

On behalf of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, I wish to offer our congratulations to PATRIR, Corina Simon and World Vision for a very productive 10 years in which you have shown great dedication, energy and skill in the vital work of peacebuilding and training peacebuilders. Your work has enhanced the Global Alliance through trainings and consultations that have assisted the maturity of our organization. Corina’s service as Secretary of the Global Alliance starting in 2005 at its launch has greatly supported the initiating years of the network.

We wish you many more decades in creating a sustainable, positive peace in the world, implementing the principle of conflict transformation by peaceful means.

We, in the Global Alliance, look forward to continuing our rich and beneficial relationship with PATRIR.


Sincere regards,


Kelsey Visser


Global Alliance for

Ministries & Departments of Peace

PATRIR is a word you encounter in many peacebuilding circles, linking passion, professionalism and a strong force to inspire and link visionary souls and practitioners together.  Just counting the number of times when in

Croatia, Costa Rica, Japan or Brussels I have ran into people who, with a glitter in their eyes said "I know PATRIR" is a strong supporting argument for nominating PATRIR for the Peace Prize!


Having worked with PATRIR from 2005 to 2009 and later as an associate, I can testify as to the space that this Institute provides for development, good work and solid engagement in many different directions of peacebuilding. From community awareness raising to political lobby, from capacity building of different peacebuilders to research and systematization of knowledge PATRIR covers a truly amaizing range of branches of peacebuilding and deserves support for further growth and more good work.     


I fully spport PATRIR's nomination for the Peace Prize and look forward to more UBUNTU in our lives!

It has been a great honor for me to be a part of PATRIR for the past three years. It was an amazing experience that helped me develop both on professional and personal level. Working together with a committed team in different projects and seeing the results of our work both in Romania and Internationally changed my life. Meeting and working with our partners proved me that indeed we can make the change we want to see. 


I am thankful for everything I have learned in these years, I am thankful for the "treasure" I have gathered and also I am happy to see that our work together with everybody else who wanted to be a part of PATRIR has marked the world in which we live today.



I know PATRIR and many of its team members since years and I admire their work in all its aspects.Combining empathie with professional competence PATRIR works for change, change of conflict, change of conscience and attitudes, change of critical situations. I always feet that there is much spiritual depth and convincing experience in what they are doing, especially concerning the Director. The way they communicate with people is very impressing  by their attentiveness and sensivity.

I liked to cooperate with PATRIR in founding the worldwide Nonviolent Peaceforce in 2002 and as a member of the European Network for Civil Peace Services, which they hosted years ago in their home office in Cluj-Napoca/ Romania.

I am deeply convinced that the world needs men and women like those of PATRIR to find and teach new ways of conflict transformation and to overcome violence and  trust in military means.

Helga Tempel, Gemany

Honory Chairwoman of Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst/Civil Peace Service

Co-Founder of Nonviolent Peaceforce and the European Network for Civil Peace Services

I would like to praise the Romanian Peace Action, Training and Research Institute PATRIR in Cluj.

Every time I have met members of the PATRIR Team at conferences in New Delhi, Rome, Dublin, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislawa, Lyon and Bonn or have communicated with them via email - in the training context of Nonviolent Peaceforce - I was touched by their engagement, competence, team spirit and vision. This does not only concern Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, the inspiring director, but "ordinary" women and men from many different countries working for or with PATRIR.

It was a special quality of highly sensitive and creative peace work, which influenced all the meetings and characterized the later email exchange. I really liked to cooperate with them.

In respect to the results and perspectives achieved in the conferences, PATRIR reps / team members often took the lead and were able to contribute constructively.

Often it seemed to me as if the place of their center in Eastern Europe (Cluj-Napoca), the worldwide activities on different levels, the internationality of the team and the richness of openminded personalities are the most important elements of PATRIRs work and successes.

I am thankful having been in contact with them since 2002, and I look forward with joy for inspiring future cooperation. 

Konrad Tempel,

former Managing Director of Hamburg State Post University Teachers' Training (Staatliches Studienseminar) / 10 years responsible for training curriculum and training of the first German Peace Consultants in the framework of Civil Peace Service / engaged with Nonviolent Peaceforce and European Network of Civil Peace Services (EN.CPS), Quaker

Patrir is one of the best ORGs in Romania. The passion and dedication of it's leadership, staff and volunteers towards peace work is inspiring and "catching"!

They are a true inspiration to the ORG I represent and many other ORGs in Romania... they are never afraid to stand up for whats right and speak the truth with conviction and humility on conflict issues relating to Romania or other countries.

They totally deserve to win this prize!

All the best

Shajjad ...

President -  Little People Romania

I gained immensely from participating in PATRIR's peacebuilding training. Not only did it give me a solid grounding in peacebuilding and peace work around the globe, but it connected me to a network that I am still a part of today, 6 years later. I found PATRIR to be an energetic organisation with such passion and commitment to the work from every single person working within and connected to the organisation externally. It inspired me to stay connected to the grassroots so that theory and practice work together to bring about sustainable transformation, especially at the community level. I am in constant contact with PATRIR and it is invaluable to know that they are there to offer assistance from their extensive experience and skills as part of the network of professionals with integrity. I wish them all the best and hope that they win the prize, they certainly deserve it.

Hello, I have found  and read in  PATRIR library your book- The Aftermath: Women in Post Conflict Transformation.

It has trully been an inspiration

Greetings from Romania and all the best




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