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Patrir is a source of knowledge and inspiration for so many civil society groups that are effectively networking for peacebuilding. For my Italian NGO the experts in Patrir team have been partners, trainers and strategizers in our programs to empower civil society in conflict areas of Middle-East. We expecially appreciated the trust they place in youth and women as catalizers of constructive change. We highly reccommend them for this prize.

Martina Pignatti Morano

Member of the National Council

Un ponte per...

It is an honor for Romanian to have the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania. People working for PATRIR should be an example for all of us because they are doing a very good job.I had the opportunity to participate to some trainings and courses and i was really impressed, and i can say that it changed o lot my views about the world. I am proud to have them as finalists and i wish them good luck!


Ada Dediu.

Student at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest

It has been, indeed, a great pleasure to participate to some of PATRIR's seminars - multicultural, inter-ethnic and social - meeting great people, great ideas and numerous interesting themes of disscussion. From great intelectual personalities, to considerable public speakers with   prodigious eloquence, it has been undoubtedly an honor being surrounded by all of these element, which make PATRIR an acclaimed organization, and also an extensive support for the morality of our society!



As a participant in PATRIR's recent workshop on peace building in Cyprus I am impressed with the depth of expertise and the breadth of reach  of PATRIR in peace building efforts around the world.

As an entrepreneur and business professional I applaud PATRIR's comprehensive, results driven and best practices focused approach to peace building.

As a citizen of the world, I wholeheartedly support the nomination of PATRIR for the Peacebuidling Prize. The have earned it!


Best regards

Marina Theodotou

Founder and Managing Director

Curveball Ltd



MESSAGE FROM Erin McCandless - Executive Editor, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development

PATRIR is a visionary organization with highly innovative approaches catalyzing peace in many conflict countries around the world. It is highly deserving of top recognition, as it does so much with so little, placing local actors at the front of its processes to drive peaceful change. Building capacity of people in strategic positions around the globe through its trainings, PATRIR is advancing transformative processes at all levels, advancing global peace, by peaceful means.

Erin McCandless, Ph.D.
Consultant, United Nations
Executive Editor, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
Adjunct Faculty: New School, Graduate Program in International Affairs

I'm glad to look back and find PATRIR as one of those road signs that really, really showed me the way. Meeting Kai and passing by Kluj helped me understand that change is always possible yet a first step is always needed. Since 2003 I've counted with PATRIR as a valuable source of information and impulse; and whenever I'm into peacebuilding activities, I can be sure some of the people present have had a positive relationship with PATRIR's work worldwide.  I have nothing but admiration for your work, few social actors have managed to accomplish so much in such a short time. Best wishes from Darfur, Sudan.


Jose Luis Acosta

For me PATRIR is not only the place where I had a wonderful BA internship followed by a dissertation which connected the field of peace with the one of PR (Public Relations). For me PATRIR is beyond that, it is the organisation which shaped my mind and my soul, it is the place where I learnt that everything is possible as long as there passion and a strong will. 

Representing PATRIR at BBC World Have Your Say, Glasgow, 2008


PATRIR is the place where I had my first lessons of internal communications. PATRIR experience made me realize that my future job will involve people, making people happy through the means of communications.


I deeply believe for every young person it is of paramount importance to find the right support and right advice. I was one of those people who had both support and advice from a young, energetic, open minded and loving team, alongside many other international interns PATRIR had, has and will have. 

Representing PATRIR at the International Youth Summit organized by CIVICUS

Glasgow, 2008

From my experience at PATRIR I was happy to see that the staff not only helps people in conflict area but also try to prevent further conflicts by building a culture of peace. By mentoring the young people (interns as well as each youngsters who benefits from PATRIR's workshops/programmes) the institute is shaping the future of society itself.


Thank you, PATRIR (Andra and Kai especially) for helping me understand what career I want to follow in my life, for giving me the the chance of putting in practice everything I learnt at university and most importantly to realize that we are together and together we must fight. 


All the best from London


PS: hope the pictures will talk by themselves about the wonderful experience I had at PATRIR


LoFT Romanian team in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2007

(a British Council and PATRIR project)







Ministry for Peace-Australia supports the work of PATRIR who have been instrumental in assisting them in understanding the global implications of peace and non-violence and the necessity for educating all nations in the art of peace and peacebuilding.



   I started working with PATRIR more than two years ago.  I found here an extraordinary group of people, and countless learning and professional development opportunities, but also the chance of contributing to improving the lives of others. 

I believe that PATRIR, due to the team that represents it and the work done by PATRIR members all over the world, deserve this prize.

Mihaela Griga Anghelescu
Str. Ion Ghica, nr. 30, Cluj-Napoca
tel. 0743/189460

PATRIR, in my experience, is a meeting place for dreams and a catalist for change. The empowering way in which PATRIR fosters the sharing of knowledge and experiences, makes it a unique experience that sticks with you and permeates all your endeavours.

For me PATRIR is an incredible reminder of how we can connect with others in projects that make peace a reality.

The learning experiences that begun in PATRIR made a huge difference in our work promoting sustainable peace in Venezuela, and now that I am in the UK, they serve as a constant source of inspiration.

PATRIR's contributions to the wider peacebuilding community are far reaching and profound, so keep it up PATRIR!

Un abrazo solidario,

Néstor A. Alfonzo Santamaría

I attended 2 seminars on peace, organized and facilitated by PATRIR. One in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on 2004 and in Westminster Abbey, Central London on 2008. Both seminars has been very helpful to me. The last one in London with Kai's input on Reflective Peace Building framework, inspired the drafting and Publication of  the book "Peace Frames and Tapestries: Frontliners Perspective on Peace Building Dimensions" A book simultaneously published entitled "Kadtabanga: The Struggle Continues".  ( was also published in Mindanao Philippines. This was initiated after my attendance to the PTRIR training in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  Until now, together with co-participants from other part of the globe particularly Africa, we are still sharing peace building experiences that help us improve and harness our operations in our respective areas.

PATRIR is an organization deserving of this award. They are dedicated and have made major contributions to training for peacekeepers and post-conflict reconstruction.


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