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Some of the children in the PLAY project having fun. Promoting MGD goals and non formal teaching methods

I first encountered PATRIR when i attended a week-long training event several years ago.  I was impressed by the balance of integrity, expertise, focus, and dynamism that the organisation brought in the field of peace and security work.  The staff of PATRIR were able to fully ground their training in grass-roots peacebuilding practice - gained from years of practical interventions at this level - as well as making clear and coherent linkages to peace processes at the highest echelon in international conflicts around the globe, again using their first-hand experience in supporting dialogue, mediation and peace practice at this level.  It is this ability to experience, understand, articulate, and disseminate coherently the importance and inter-connectedness of peace work across these many levels that sets PATRIR apart from many other peace organisations that I have worked with.  The fact that PATRIR do all this with humility, passion and patience is both a credit to the professionalism of its staff, but also a resounding example to others of being able to practice what you preach.


I have since worked in partnership with key staff from PATRIR to help analyse peace processes and design appropriate interventions for the international community accordingly.  My experience with PATRIR in this regard was similar to that described above - professional, passionate, informed, and people-centred, with a focus on delivering results for all the parties involved.


Whilst my interaction with PATRIR has been in a professional capacity (I work as a Conflict Adviser to the UK Government) I write in my personal capacity to support PATRIR's nomination for the World Vision International Peace Prize


Steve Ainsworth

PATRIR has undoubtely broken the ground. When, as Nonviolent Peaceforce European Coordinator, I had the chance to work closely with its staff I realised how it doesn't matter to have headquarters in a European region out of the traditional international relations circles, as long as you bring a fresh wave of stimulating proposals to the debate and the practice of peace policies.

I think PATRIR and its staff deserves this prize.

Alessandro Rossi

former European Coordinator for Nonviolent Peaceforce, currently working at the European Commission-DG Enlargement

With a small team PATRIR do great things.

Congratulations to all PATRIR-ians.

PATRIR deserve this prize.


I'm taking this opportunity to express a big Thank You to Kai Brand-Jacobsen,

and to all the dedicated staff and volunteers that have contributed to PATRIR's work in Romania and abroad!





What makes PATRIR so effective is that they combine theory and practice so fluidly. I was impressed that in addition to the various resources and training programs PATRIR offers, it is intimately involved in the field helping building institutions of peace and bridge conflicted communities. I believe PATRIR is a necessary institution in the international arena that fills in where governments and nations cannot. It efforts to sow the seeds to trust, compassion, and community is what we need to realize peace a way of life.


 Dhairya Dalal


M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

National Peace Academy

I interacted with PATRIR last year at one of the seminar they had in Cluj-Napoca "Diversity and Multiculturalism". I offered myself as a volunter to film the seminar. At that point I was at the beginig, and everybody asked for experience.

The surprise was when later... I got paid for it. Unsignificant most of us would say...but it is not, because it shows, the kind of people are involved into the organisation... it shows apreciation. And even thou, might seem unsignificant, it gave value to my work, they gave me power and belief to go on. Thank You!

 ...More made me reailse, how fragile, but beautifull we are as humans... At that seiminar I've seen people from my town, from my country and from around the world. A very colorfull seminar, where people learned to discover each other, where, gipsy were working together with romanians, with hungarians and other etnics, but also with people with disabilities. A seminar where differnt etnics and social classes involved, were surprised how many things they have in common, but still, that the differences, that made everythig more colorfull and intresting. I've seen people at the begining beeing skeptical about beeing there... but in 3  days, I've seen lots of smiles and joy, happynes and excitement and in the end .....I saw tears, frendships beeing made, hugs and contacts exchanged. I've seen gatherings and groups were formed, to act for a better society.  It changed the way I see people and life in general, but also I saw changes into the others involved. It made me wanting to be part of comunity, wanting to be involved into what happens around me, it made me change myself, because in order to change the others, we have to be the exemple that we want the others to be. I know it kinda sounds big.. but I felt I was part of a big thing, beeing at that seminar. The results, were amazing. Now I interact with different organisations, and every once in a while, I meet with people I've seen at the seminar. And that speaks for it self. Others get involved, they act, in order to change the others for a better world. They've learned what I've learned, that most of the time, the guiltyness for something wrong, does not belong only to those they do the wrong, but to those who could and did not stop the wrong to happend.... and we could all do something. I've learned that regardless of nation, regardless of etnicity, regardless of the color of the skin, we are all humans, we are different but alike. i've learned that we have different traditions, different dreams and tastes, but we suffer from the same things.... and kindness..... works for everybody. I've learned that different etnics, don't interact, because, they don't know and they assume things about eachother, they fantasize about the other in a wrong way, based on precoceptions. I've learned that those preconceptions with the lack of knowledge, could lead to fight, or worse to war, and both sides would belive they dio the right thing. I've learned that the weapon of a weak and closed mind.

Could not speak about other organisations.... hopefully are better than PATRIR...... but for me:




I know PATRIR since 2007. PATRIR is doing a great job to train people to bring a peceful change at local and international level. Their valuable services and efforts for transformation and conflict resolution are incrediable.

My encounter with PATRIR is mainly related to Mr. Kai Jacobsen, director of DPO, but also a part of the rest of the team. Up to this moment, Kai and the people around him have accomplished a lot, and a lot more is expected. From professional settings to friendly discussions, the team of PATRIR is an amazing group, and definitely deserves to be nominated for the Peacebuilding Prize.


Keep up the good work, guys!

It has been simply great and constructive working with PATRIR over the last four years. The passion with which the entire team at PATRIR works and the professionalism that they bring in is amazing. The commitment the senior members at PATRIR has shown to be of assistance whenever needed, particularly to us, has been really endearing. The senior members of the staff at PATRIR is endowed with thorough knowledge in conflict transformation and peace-building and have an absolute knack and dexterity in offering options to overcome any given situation.

In short PATRIR has been making constructive and meaningful impact on people's lives through their interactions with many individuals, institutions and organisations.

Hence I take great pride in fully supporting the nomination of PATRIR for the World Vision Peace Price.

I wish them all the very best and good luck for them to continue to serve the communities to make the world a better place to coexist.

Ameer M Faaiz,

Chairman - Board of Directors,

One Text Initiative,

No.28, Anderson Road,

Colombo - 4, Sri Lanka. 

in just a small conversation with a member of Patrir's team some years ago, my view on conflict has changed completely - i came to realize that it's not only something big, happening at a national or international level

conflict is to be dealt with at the level of each of us

we need to learn not to avoid it, but to approach it as a natural step towards growth

and also PEACE - it should become a personal way of living. in this way, we will be able to assure it at macro level...

so Patrir has changed my view over life...

thank you Patrir!

you deserve to win this prize!

Great news Kai and the team at PATRIR. Thoroughly well-deserved nomination. Keep up the good work.  Justin Holt


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