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"I write this as a motion of support for Patrir in relation to the World Vision International Peace Prize. I must say that after carefully reviewing the activities of Patrir and coupled with the Course: Peace building, Violence Prevention and Post War Recovery that that was taught by the president of the organization in the University for Peace, I feel that it is an ideal organization for the said prize as it has and is still contributing enormously in the field of Peace, Conflict and Development. Therefore, I cast my vote whole heartedly and strongly recommend Patrir for this prize without any reservation."

In Peace

Beleteze AKWABENG FORETIA, Cameroon
University for Peace
UN Mandated Graduate School for Peace & Conflict Studies
MA International Peace Studies
P.O Box 138-6100
San Jose, Costa Rica

I would like to add my support and congratulations to PATRIR for their nomination to this prize. I have known and worked with many of the dedicated PATRIR staff and volunteers over the years and this is a truly remarkable organisation that well deserves this recognition for their work.

In my current position as Executive Director of Nonviolent Peaceforce, I need to thank PATRIR not only for training some of our field staff and collaborating with us on production of joint training materials, curricula and training standards - but also for providing us with some of our best qualified and most highly motivated field staff who have passed through one or other of the many trainings and workshops that PATRIR has run.

In my previous capacities as Director of Peaceworkers UK and Training Director of International Alert, I had the pleasure of working on many collaborative projects with PATRIR over the years in which they played a crucial and often coordinating role. We worked together on many occasions to raise the quality and professionalism of training in the peace field and to ensure that new generations of peacemakers would get the best preparation possible for the important work they are now doing.

The impact and influence of PATRIR extends so far beyond the borders of Romania it is sometimes hard to remember they are based in the small town of Cluj-Napoca, which I have also had the pleasure to visit! I have no idea the number of people who have been trained or influenced by PATRIR during these past 10 years, but I do know that these people are working all over the world in government ministries, in UN agencies, in big NGOs, in local community projects in many many countries. I know of no other organisation whose influence in the field of peacebuilding has been so extensive. PATRIR has built a foundation on which peacebuilding activities will be based for many years to come. They well deserve this prize!

I have had the pleasure of spending a few days with Kai Brand-Jacobsen.  He is a remarkable individual who connects with all around him with ease and authenticity.  I witnessed him engage in some difficult and honest dialogue about the Israel-Palestine peace process, and was struck by his high level of integrity in moving beyond the personal level to objectively yet sensitively raise all issues at hand.  An ability to combine compassion with objectivity is rare, and when embodied as is in the person of Kai, can only help in furthering the cause of Peace in the world.
Good luck PATRIR, keep up the good work!

The onyly way we can sustain peace building processes is when we inculcate its meaning and approach to the young generation including children and youth. Violence prevention cannot be sustainable if we detouch children and youth from such processes. PATRIR is one among very few agencies that appreicates this fact and have deliberately ensured that they involve children in a number of initiatives including capacity enhancement sessions. My first encounter with PATRIR was when I read about it through the Peace and Development Network. I was very encouraged by the work it engages in and more especially the fact that children are considered a key stakeholder in the peacebuilding process. In 2010, I was honoured to be a part of a child participation and peace building regional workshop which was organised for children in Uganda by Save the Children Norway Managing member of Save the Children in Uganda. During this training, we had representatives from PATRIR who facilitated sessions on peace building. The children who attended the workshop from the different countries were very excited about the new skills they gained in peace building and committed to teaching their fellow children when they go back to their respective countries. Children rated the training as very successful and some gave such testimonies as 'I have learnt many things from this workshop, we can only build peace if we children are involved, I will go back to my peace club and encourage more children to join. The voices of these children during this training and after the training were a confirmation that the work PATRIR engages in has great impact and has alot more potential to reach out to many people.


PATRIR deserves credit

Phillomen Nakyazze

Director of Programs

Uganda Child Rights NGO Network

These are some photos to complement the work of the Black Sea Region Programme. For the full description please see


At the end of a Partnership Meeting of the Cooperative Peace Project in Moldova-Trasndniestria (representing JCDC, CReDO, PATRIR and World Window)

[Cooperative Peace Project Multipliers Training Programme] Working groups following the task - conflict analysis of the Moldova-Transdniestria conflict. Trainer and facilitator, 1 note-taker in Romanian, 1 note taker in Russian. Tables comprising representatives of civil society and expert analysts from both banks. Location: Odessa, Ukraine (2008)

[Cooperative Peace Project Professional Group Encounter] Lawyers and jurists from both banks of river Nistru/Dnestr having dinner. Workshop discussed the conflict seen from professional group perspective, effects of the protracted conflict, needs and initiatives for going forward. Facilitated by JCDC - local organisation supported by PATRIR and CReDO facilitators (2009) Other professional groups workshops: doctors, teachers and unions.

Participating in local NGOs projects. Camping on the river Nistru/Dnestr in Harmatca, Transdniestria with youth from both banks, doing teambuilding activities, cleaning the river shore, eating and living together. Village teams played Football for Peace. Other local projects supported were Vadul lui Woodstock - Music for Peace Festival; Project UMIR; etc

IMPACT Project Meeting with Broader Expert Community - presenting the work of the analysts involved.

Valuable informal discussions among expert analysts from both banks during IMPACT project events.


More may be presented ... however hopefully these speak of various moments in the life of peacebuilding programmes. The Moldova-Transdniestria programme has been one of the longest living project. Started in 2005, continuing to this day in various forms and degrees according to the times, capacities and willingness of the local communities to work for peace. PATRIR is supporting Romanian governments' and EU institutions' understanding of the role of civil society in peacebuilding and violence prevention by organising for EPLO a Civil Society Dialogue Network meeting in Romania on EU policies in the Neighbourhood (Moldova especially) and Western Balkans. High level EU officials, Romanian government and civil society and Moldova, Serbian, Kosovo, and from Bosnia-Herzegovina civil society as well as international organisations and programmes like UN, OSCE and EUBAM will be in Bucharest to dialogue on "Peacebuilding and Violence Prevention in the EU Neighbourhood and Western Balkans" in 28 June. Follow these results on

As a commercial and community mediator, I first encountered PATRIR's work when I attended one of their training courses in Peacebuilding in 2004. I was immediately impressed by their deep knowledge of the subject, sheer energy, dedication and committment to the cause of peace. Since then I witnessed first hand their support for and wise counsel to the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace which was launched at a conference held in London and now has a membership of over 40 countries.

In 2006, I co-founded the All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues at Westminster whose purpose is to pursue, both within and outside parliament, practical means to prevent, transform and resolve violent conflict around the world. PATRIR was appointed one of several advisors to the group and their advice has been and continues to be invaluable. 

I am delighted to support the nomination of PATRIR for the World Vision International Peace Prize - they richly deserve it!

Many thanks to all those who have organised this important award.


Irving Rappaport,

All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues


What a great news about PATRIR's nomination! Congratulations for that to the whole PATRIR team!

I strongly support this nomination and recommend PATRIR for the Peacebuilding Prize. Their continuous effort in multi level peacebuilding and education is remarkable and their dedication and passionate work is appreciated by everybody!

For my work at GIZ in an Emergency and Transitional aid project in DRC I have enormously profited from a training in Cluj two years ago and the network of peace workers I got into after that. Even two years after that training we have follow ups on my work and this exchange is really very important and useful for me. This is a prove for their commitment and result-driven working way.


Bonne chance et courage from South Kivu!


Stefan Roman


Appui à la stabilisation des conditions de vie dans le territoire de Fizi
GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH
Baraka, Fizi, Sud Kivu
République Démocratique du Congo


I am working with PATRIR for almost a year as an intern. The Institute helped me develop- with  the Institute I coordinated my first project about the Middle East - North Africa events from the begining of this year. Being in PATRIR makes you care! There are so many people that PATRIR created their horizons in its 10 years of existence. 


I support PATRIR in relation to World Vision International Peace Prize, because PATRIR supports me!


Ioana Prodan

Patrir has been a true inspiration for me along the years and I can honestly name them a life-changer. In 2005 I attended my first Patrir seminar on Conflict Transformation and everything began to change afterwards: the way I saw life, the way I dealt with difficult people and tackle difficult problems in life. Many of the people around me, friends, family, colleagues followed along and after 6 years with Patrir, I look around and I see a growing community of enthusiastic, proactive people willing to find peaceful and sustainable solutions to the conflicts around them. Well done Patrir!


"PATRIR is an organisation where "global" and "local" meet in order to make our small planet a better and happier space for living. Managed by a few inspired and devoted people of different ages and professional background, Patrir has become a peacebuilding NGO where one can learn, grow and develop both spiritually and professionally. PATRIR team has proved over its ten years of existence that the happy faces of children while drawing their peaceful planet, the successfully mediated conflict between two communities, the interaction meeting among public authorities and civil society representatives in solving community problems, the training programs in peacebuilding offered for professionals all over the world are at least as valuable as high level peace negotiations at UN level.
I am proud of being an alumni of PATRIR and I fully recommend PATRIR team for the WV Peace Prize."
Cecilia Deme
Human Rights Field Officer
Peace Brigades International-Nepal


I have a big respect and admiration for the work that PATRIR does around the world. I have heard about PATRIR three years ago from a foreign friend actually and I have participated at one of their trainings one year ago and since then I keep their activities close to my heart. I strongly suport their work in Romania and around the globe and hopefully this is just the beginning of a beautiful partnership!


Good luck!


Daniela Craciun


Intercultural Institute of Timisoara


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