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May GOD give us more strength to continue our advocacy for peace; peace in our heart, mind, body , soul and spirit. These may ignite to our family, friends, community, country and the whole world. 

kalinaw mindanao movement, inc. Year theme " Blessed are those who work for peace for they shall be called the children of the Holy GOD"


GOD bless all peace advocates!

The volatility of the North Rift make the Pokot-Turkana peace forum a leading community owned entry strategy for World Vision Kenya to realize its goals in Transformational Development, Humanitarians Affairs and Advocacy.


May 24 2011  

Turkana-Pokot-Samburu Pastors Cross-Border Conflict Management Initiative



1. Background and Context


This initiative operates in the Turkana South, Turkana East and West Pokot, Central Pokot, East Pokot and larger Samburu Districts of Kenya.. The beneficiaries are the Turkana, Pokot and Samburu communities. These three groups are primarily pastoralists, and conflicts typically arise over access and utilization of scarce natural resources that are essential to pastoralist livelihoods.

The Turkana-Pokot conflict arises out of scarcity and competition over pasture and watering points and territorial/border disputes. Disputes and differences are compounded by minimal routine interaction and communication between the two communities. The Turkana-Pokot conflict occurs in a context of weak or non-existent structures and institutions for conflict prevention, mitigation, and response.

The conflict factors are exacerbated by harsh climatic conditions and recurrent drought prevailing on the Pokot side. Other contextual dynamics of this conflict include unregulated and widespread availability of small arms, retrogressive cultural practices, and marginalization of these pastoral communities from mainstream development.

The succesive Joint Pastors Forums usually featuring in the Regional Assembly Peace forums instructed it’s committee members to launch a consultation Process on reconciliation. Peace on Disarmament  and common sharing of resources to be drawn together included, among others, the experience of the Peace churches. It is the new convictions concerning the Peace making implications of the gospel in major church bodies that led the Pastors Forums to embrace Peace church language

In the broadest sense the Pastors forums aimed mostly in divesting efforts to restore normalcy where chaos had reigned to be supreme. The Pastors just stepped time to introduce the Pawerful word of the bible to regulate, reduce, or eliminate conflicts.


2. Initiative Description


The Pastors in the 20th century have seen a renewed interest in resolving conflicts following the numerous death that are precipitated by the election malfunction in the many african failing states. Many objected to the theological liberalism of the wider pacifist movement and held to a church  which made them skeptical of disarmament schemes by the various democratic governments.

The Church Peace Mission and the General Conference Peace and Social Concerns Committee) have called on Pokot and turkana communities to support non violent means of resloving conflict.  Concerns were also expressed by small groups of faith particularly among the Turkanan and Pokot that accumulation of arms and counter reveng have never borne any fruits in resolving the ever growing conflict scenario.

The Turkana-Pokot-Samburu Pastors Cross-Border Conflict Management Initiative began in November 2010 and has a planned duration of 12 months. The aim of the initiative is to encourage and promote adoption of mechanisms by the 3 communities to resolve their ways amicably and also encourage co-operation and sharing of natural resources and harmonious co-existence among the three communities.

Through this initiative, the communities will engage in Non violent problem-solving processes on the issues of access, use, and ownership of natural resources essential for to pastoralists’ livelihoods.

on the fragile environment and ease competition for access to water. Support will also be provided to facilitate the reopening of cross-border markets and access roads. In addition to enhancing communication between the communities, access roads will also be instrumental in conflict early warning and response as well as in promoting trade and business among the warring communities.


3. Objectives


The objectives of this Initiative are:


• Establish mechanisms and agreements to ensure peaceful access and sharing of the available natural resources among the warring communities of Pokot, Samburu and Turkana:


• Facilitate communities to engage in co-operative and strategic cross-border initiatives and in mutually negotiating access to pasture;


• Strengthen existing conflict prevention, mitigation and response institutions and structures and


• Promote inter-ethnic interaction and encourage the opening up of closed areas along the borders of the Pokot, Turkana and Samburu communities.


5. Principal Activities


The main Activities in this initiative include:


• Facilitating the re-opening of cross-border markets and community-managed rehabilitation of  access roads.


• Facilitating inter-community dialogue and negotiation processes to reach agreements on resource access and use.


• Organizing and facilitating regular cross-border inter-community dialogue and confidence-building forums to support the peaceful management of ongoing conflicts, enforce and monitor mutual agreements on resource sharing, and prevent the emergence or escalation of violent incidents.



6. Expected Results and Outcomes


The Initiative’s specific expected Outcomes:


• Increased non-violent inter-ethnic interaction and collaboration.


• Reduced tensions and competition over access to resources vital to pastoralists’ livelihoods.


• Cooperative sharing of natural resources and peaceful co-existence among the conflicting communities.


• Problem-Solving Cross-Border Dialogue and Networking enhanced.


• Local capacity for conflict prevention, mitigation and response strengthened.


This is really nice work Edoket you doing and the team in the ground, we surely hope that one day Pokot, Samburu and Turkana communities will co-exist peacefully. Kudos for the good work...

Thanks delio for your compliments but i owe everything to the committed Pastors Forum who are working against the contemporay believe in their own setting that gratufies Traditional edge old practices against the modern proven facts. it is really an head on tackle to try to convince die hard adherents on soccery and black magic to believe in christian ethos / doctrines being inculcated by the contmporary church.

However the pastors forum has really made an head way by being able to have converted on senior and reknowned Youth Leader who was wanted by the Police at one time to become a pastor for a local church at present. the testimony of the minister usually moves crowds given that, he survived one of the worst massacres of his time and he lived to tell the story of salvation to other youth with similar intentions.

The pastors have also witnessed two senior seer/diviners being converted from black magic of blessing the youth before raiding to opening their "eyes" to the kingdom of the Almighty God living in Trinity. this old men have since become pillars of peace and beacons of hope in search of the ever elusive peace negotiations betwen the two communities.

the two are but a tip of an iceburg of what the pastors have been able to do and at the same time have potentialities to go places and do more.

Hi delio,

In regards to the Pastors forums supported by Catholic Dioces and World Vision in Samburu, do you have any comments in terms of Samburu and Pokot intervention? The Dioces is spoken of very much by the reformed warriors in Samburu community.

In Rift Valley Kenya, cattle rustling is a major conflict. This is a traditional culture that is negative and we need to transform this culture to a positive one. Religion is critical here; unless our people in the North Rift understand the teachings in the bible, which is of peace, they cannot come out of their culture as such.

I commend the pastors good work, may it lead to total tranformation for our young boys and girls who are recruited to armed cattled rustling, a big issue affecting children enrolment in school in North Rift now.


A new dawn has come for the pastoralist communities living in Northern rift valley of Kenya. The word of God liberates the heart from the bondage of sin. Thanks to the Pokot-Turkana pastors, they are exactly following the footsteps of our lord and saviour Jesus christ in preaching and practicing peace. For decades, the Pokots and Turkana communities have regarded each other as enemies hence resorted to conflicts. These conflict has adversely slowed down development despite the areas being pregnant with resources. Investors have been scared away by the conflict. Nevertheless, John 14:18 "I will not leave you as orphans..." is true of these two communities, for God has decided to use his own servants(Pokot-Turkana pastors forum) to bring peace that surpasses all understanding to the Pokot and Turkana communitie who have for a long time been orphaned by cattle rusttling menace. Thanks to God may He bless these pastors with strength to serve Him more.

Hi Rose,

We here too between the Samburu and Pokot have not been left behind. Pastors and priests from the both sides have really played a crucial role in the peace building process along the Baringo and Samburu district border. These activities is jointly support by World Vision-Lorroki and Catholic diocese (CJPC office) where these men and women of God have really helped in the reconciliation processes, making the morans (warriors) from both communities not only understand the word of God but to also to value life and thus transforming them into useful people in the society. The transformed morans always challenge their fellow colleagues to down their weapons during mostly the non-war interactions between the two communities and to see each other as brothers. We have seen re-opening up of markets, dispensaries where one the Catholic diocese have a mobile clinic at Kadomo market during the market day, roads also leading to these areas have been opened up from where we had an initiative with the transformed morans from both sides taking part in clearing vegetation and stones along the Amaiya-Longewan road to make it once again passable. God Bless the work of these Men and women of God are doing for the common good of both communities.


Pastor Nambair addressing Morans, elders & provincial administration from Pokot & Samburu during a peace meeting



Turkana Pokot Pastors Fellowship (TEPF) is an interdenominational Christian Organization covering Turkana - Pokot East District. It was formed as an umbrella assembly for all churches existing in Turkana and Pokot.  TPPF has a vision to PRESENT BEFORE CHRIST - A ONE UNITED AND HEALTHY CHURCH. One united church in the sense that they all identify themselves with Christ the Lord of the Church. A healthy Church also means people of God who are Physically, Spiritually, emotionally, economically and psychologically viable. They seek to forget out doctrinal differences at the expense of the unity for Christ who has taught the Church all through to be united. 


1. To take the gospel truth to the unreached within and outside the district

2. To promote and support peace building initiatives

3. To partner with the government and other non-governmental agencies in promoting human rights and good governance.

The forum has drawn a detailed plan on how each objective mentioned above will be met inter and intra district.


The Church strongly believes that God is the source of peace. This peace is provided by God through His word the Bible. Peace is never worked out by men but is worked out by God. They therefore believe that when two are at loggerheads the Lord of peace can bring peace if He is involved. The Church also believes that God has appointed His servants – The pastors to mediate matters of peace. Just as the Bible records that the prophets and priests were consulted in issues that required God’s interventions during those olden times they believe that men of God have a high hand in issues of peace.  It is for this reason that Turkana East Pastors fellowship is involved in matters of peace. It is their responsibility to mediate for peace with the congregation.


Turkana Pokot Pastor Forum implemented the following activities in their response to the call of peace building:

Monthly Prayer meeting

Churches all over the District have set aside every Saturday of the end of each month to fellowship in the evening to thank God for His protection and pray for peace throughout the Nation. The Church believes that it takes the hand of the Lord to live peacefully for a whole month.

Preaching during Sunday services

Churches have also been encouraged by the forum to set aside one Sunday every month to preach on peace and pray for peace.  Everything that is going to be done on this particular Sunday should all be geared towards peace building. Songs, Dramas, Skits, Prayers, Testimonies should all be related to peace building etc

Crusade for peace within and outside the District

The fellowship plans to run three peace crusades every year in different parts of the District.

Rallies for Women and youth

The forum organized as it deems necessary the rallies for both youth and women.


Below activities some have been have been accomplished:


The Church in Turkana East District wants to believe that God enabled people to settle back in the areas that had become desolate because of His strength. Life is Back in Napeitom, Lomelo, Lopii just to mention a few of them. They do not have to take this strength for granted as a Church. They Plan to thank God for this resettlement. Napeitom Prayer meeting therefore seeks to Thank God for the resettlement and God’s continual protection of his people as they continue living in Napeitom.   Every member Church was called to make a contribution toward this every important meeting which was successful.




The members of the fellowship have been invited by fellow pastors from Baringo East (Pokot East Pastors Fellowship) for a prayer - Cum Dialogue meeting at Kapedo. As servants of God forging for peace they wish to respect this call and strategize with our fellow servants in the Lord better plans to address peace issues. They planned to combine this by a thanksgiving prayer for Lomelo as well as committing it to the Lord. While in Lomelo we will also wish to commit other areas not opened in the hands of the Lord. The Participants of the meeting shall constitute 20 pastors and 3 women and 2 representatives of youth from. They hope a similar team shall come from Baringo East and purpose to meet at Kapedo. Members shall seek accommodation from local churches members.







TPPF mobilized interdenominational Women Convention drawing participants from Turkana East District and Baringo East. TPPF acknowledges women role as peace makers. 50 women attended the conference from Turkana and Pokot Community. The Women in this forum are expected to forge forward for peace in the ways of the Bible.


Turkana / Pokot women conference in Kapedo- Turkana East District


ACTIVITY FOUR: Sport / cultural peace activity for youth in [Turkana, Pokot and Samburu]

Turkana / Pastors Fellowship in collaboration with world Vision peace project mobilized youth sport in Laikipia- Samburu and Chomolingot in East Pokot.  


The theme of youth sport and cultural was to promote youth talents through sports for peace in North Rift.  This is a one day Rally aiming at informing the youth the importance of clinging to God for blessings from above. The importance of peace shall be exploited and its absence will also be discussed. It’s hoped that the youth shall accept to walk with the Lord and reduce activities that are encouraging conflicts between the two communities.

ACTIVITY FIVE: inter religious youth workshop for peace and development organized by Pokot- Turkana pastors in the month of April 2011 in Lokori Turkana East District in partnership with World vision North Rift Peace project..

Youth training on conflict management was held in Lokori as from 16th – 18th April 2011. Pokot- Turkana Pastors mobilized 100 youth which were drawn form the Larger Turkana South constituency [Turkana East/ South] and Pokot East. The workshop theme was to promote the culture of peace building and active no violence in youth with the following outcomes and outputs;

  • Enhanced capacity of targeted youth religious groups to actively engage themselves in promoting inter religious dialogue and tolerance
    • Empowered young religious in promoting sustainable peace and reconciliation of memories of warring communities 
    • Enhanced abilities of the young in inculcating the universally upheld values of life upon fellow young members of their warring communities
    • Empowered youth in inculcating a new culture of cultural and religious tolerance among their pupils and students
    • Empowered school youth in leading the pupils and students in peace and reconciliation of memories of pupils and students from the cattle rustling effects and embracing one another based on the universally upheld values on life 


  • 100 young acquired skills on how to pursue peace and reconciliation dialogue, tolerance, sustainable peace and development. The youth were capacity build to promote inter religious and intercultural peace and reconciliation in the warring communities and  to promote peace and reconciliation among pupils and students


By: Jackson Ewat Ekadeli

Peace Facilitator- World Vision Lokori Turkana East District    





May peace prevail in Napeitom, and hope you and the pastors lobby for security beef up by government across the conflict corridor cutting across Turkana East to Pokot East. Regards to the pastors.

There is something about women in the peace intervention; my observation is women have played a big role by naming and shaming perpetrators, they also advise their boys and men not to go raiding; atleast that is what I have seen happening lately in the peace forums i have attended in the North Rift. If women could even be part of the pastors forum, women pastors can help encourage young girls and women in the warring communities.


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