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Vehid Sehic is one of founders and key leaders of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all Post-Yugoslav Countries, and we are honored with his nomination.

I totaly agree that Mr. Vehid Sehic is one of founders and key leaders of civil society in B&H and ex-Yugoslav countries, dedicated to justice, eqality, non-discrimination, tolerance of all, irrespective of convictions, ethnic, religious or other differences, for mutual understanding, confidence and cooperation of all countries of the region and their integration in wider european structures. His work was very important and widely recognized in most difficult time of wars in Bosnia & Herzegovina during 90-ties, when it was so rare to work for preserving and promoting  good inter-ethnic relarions. He  has continued now into third decade as a leader of Tuzla citizens Forum and co-president of Igman Initiative regional network devoted to re-building bridges between former republics now independent states. Therefore it is, also, my honor to fully support nomination of Mr. Vehid Sehic for 2012 Peacemaker  Prize.

Vehid Sehic is an outstanding partner, an excellent teacher to the large number of civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is one of initiators and founders of civil society, recognized and well known fighter for human rights and a very brave in reconciliation processes in all former Yugoslav countries."

One of the founders and initiators of civil society in BiH.
Brave man who has stayed immune to all the nonsense of nationalism.
He is truly fighter for the Man.

Since 1993. Vehid Sehic is working on a building a better society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Extraordinary human rights advocate, a strong personality with charisma, civil society professional, leader in the NGO regional community, born to create a democratic society.

 Mr. Šehić is relentless in his efforts ti improve the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Human rights advocate, equality advocate, truth and reconciliation advocate... Personally, I feel privileged to have worked with him and being able to learn from him. 

Vehid Sehic has been a pioneer in the establishment of authenic civil society in Bosnia including addressing fundamental questions of peace at local, national, and regional levels.  I heartily support his nomination.

This is best ever selection. I believe that people all around the world who meet this person know why I say this.

I hope that his work will be awarded anyhow...

Patience and perseverance with which Vehid Šehić promotes dialogue over the war, ethnic and religious  divisions and advocates respect for human rights for all during the last 20 years are inspiration for all generations in post-Yugoslav countries.

Before I met Mr Vehid Sehic, as a representative of the Dutch Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation, I was aware of his reputation as being the founder of the civil society activism in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. At our first meeting he impressed me by his knowledge, wisdom and eloquence. Later on, I learned not only about his tireless and brave efforts of fighting for human rights and democratic values but also about the considerable achievements obtained through these efforts under very difficult circumstances. And his activism in promoting regional cooperation based on European principles extends well beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Western Balkans region.

Upon becoming more acquainted with Mr Sehic I realized that his life-long devotion to improving the lives of his countrymen stems from his uncompromised belief in human rights, justice and fairness among people. Besides, I also experienced his openness and loyalty to his professional partners and friends.

I personally feel privileged and honoured to know Mr Sehic and I am confident that with more people of his kind the world would be a better place. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support his nomination for the World Vision Peace Prize.     

Strong personality and moral values are prominent features of this valuable man, friend and associates. Vehid is leading activist of social movement for civil rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and prominent advocate a policy of non-violence, and fighter of peace and justice in post-Yugoslav countries. Certainly, he deserves prize for his peacemaker acts.


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