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Organisation's Name:             Aware Girls

Organisation Location:           Peshawar, Pakistan

Organisation's Website:


Aware Girls work to combat growing Religious extremism and terrorism among young people through capacity-building of young activists to play their role as agents of change for Peace in their communities in the conflict zone of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. Projects of Aware Girls promotes an alternative pluralistic discourse based on the values of tolerance, non-violence, peace and mediation plus dialogue as conflict resolution young people through capacity building, corner meetings and peace education sessions among young people. Aware Girls seeks to create an environment where women and young people can live with Peace, dignity, equity and feel themselves empowered, through bringing changes in society. The organisation's mission is to promote youth activism under the leadership of young women for creating a conducive working environment where young women can live with peace, dignity, equity and justice. Aware Girls seeks to promote and protect young women’s rights, gender equality, equity, justice and good governance through advocacy and capacity-building of young women; promote peace, nonviolence, tolerance and pluralism through active and meaningful participation of young people and especially young women in peacebuilding process; and promoting the sexual and reproductive health rights of young women.

Review the full PDF nomination form below.

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As a peace lover, I am very much delighted to know the commendable work done by AWARE GIRLS in Peshawar, Pakistan.

It’s a privilege to comment on them as their work is truly dedicated in creating Peace in conflict and threat prone zones.

Their work relates to developing and nurturing the Peace culture that is hidden in the hearts of young children who blindly believe in what they see or shown to them.

To change these youngers lives from becoming a suicide bomber to a peace loving human is a radical change and that can only be achieved when these peace virtues are taught to them at their childhood levels.

I truly congratulate them for aiming to achieve this and it reflects the spirit of World Vision international Peace builder Prize and they are a deserving nominee.

Even changing a child’s mind will create a big difference as we all know an Ocean is filled starting with little drops of water .

My best wishes and Good Luck to them,

Poonam Kumari

I work for Peace Direct, a peacebuilding organisation that works to find, fund and promote exciting new peacebuilding organisations.

We have been a partner organisation of Aware Girls for several years now. We originally partnered with them because of the impressive passion with which they had started a genuinely youth and women led organisation, dealing with issues of utmost seriousness in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Since that time, we have seen the scale of their programmes grow considerably but they have maintained their passion and dynamism all the way. They are also extremely articulate advocates for peace and women's rights in Pakistan.

As well as the leadership of the organisation, I have had the opportunity to meet several of the young people they train to promote peace, and they have also been extremely inspirational.

I would certainly recommend them for this prize, as well as any other prize that recognises bravery and passion for peace around the world.


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