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Organisation's Name:             City Montessori School

Organisation's Location:        Lucknow, India

Organisation's Website:


City Montessori School (CMS) is the world's largest school by pupil with current enrolment of over 45,000 students. CMS has an extensive peace education program that aims at implanting the seeds of peace in the minds of children at a young age. This CMS peace initiative aims to facilitate direct person-to-person contact between children of India and Pakistan to help remove misunderstandings and misgivings between the people of two countries. City Montessori School or CMS was established in 1959 in a rented a premises and on a borrowed capital of US$10 by a husband and wife team of two young and dedicated social workers committed to Gandhian ideals of non-violence and social transformation through education. CMS has an extensive program to inculcate world citizen citizenship in children. Thousands of children from all over India and across the world come to participate in these events and are exposed to CMS philosophy of peace and co-existence.

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My hearty Congratulations to the City Montessori School to have been shortlisted  for this Prestigious  Award. Truly Appreciable.

I was reading the profile of this amazing school and the wonders it has created in the sphere of Peace Education and Peace promotion. Bringing the Children of 2 Nations together India and Pakistan -who have been at War all the time in the Past is not only a very brave and courageous step but a milestone achievement in the history of Peace Revolution. Having a record of the most number of students in the school and promoting such creative ideas of letter writing, inviting schools from around the world and conducting competitions among children and the Judges Meeting etc are very noteworthy and successful steps in restoring Peace in the minds of young children who are the future of any country.

By encouraging children to write letters to the children  of its 'neighbouring hostile nation' who had been 'enemies' all the time is very motivating for all of us to understand when these little children of 2 nations can sow the seeds Friendship and Peace why not adults move forward and shake hands of love and brotherhood ----why wage war and live in hostility...why stay as enemies ... these and many such thoughts have been developed by the acts of these youngsters who are not only trained to live in Peace but also to spread peace among all and the credit goes to such inspiring schools who are well deserving for this Peace Builder Award as their actions not only have built Peace among 2 enemy nations but also have cut the bridge of hatred and violence that always prevail in our minds when we think of India and Pakistan. My hearty wishes for this Pioneer contribution in the field of Peace and my best wishes for all your future activities. I am very proud to have written few lines in honor of this School as this school stands as  a very strong model  for other schools of the World to develop such thoughts in the minds of Children, then Peace would prevail all around.

I fully recommend this nomination for this Award as the true spirit of Peace building is taught in this school and this Award will further strengthen its Recognition and encourage other schools to adapt such patterns and build Peace all around.


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