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Click the PDF attachment below to read the complete nomination of Davao Ministerial Interfaith, Inc.

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Sports for Peace:

EPES (Enhancing Parenting Effectiveness Services) Training of Trainers

1. Davao Ministerial Interfaith Vision, Mission, Goals 

2. DMI in South Central Mindanao Interfaith Conference 2006

3. DMI Brochure

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DMI milestone:
DMI Journey Milestones...
DMI is an inspiring example of religous leaders committed to promoting peace on the foundation of faith and love for one another in spite of differences. My mentors from DMI taught me how it is to be relating with other faith just by mere watching them volunteer in various development works both for their organization and others. The way they speak to each other and the way they value each other is a sight of God working through them. I have high hopes and prayers in what the Lord can do more for the children through DMI. Kudos!
this is great work you are doing!


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