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go kalinaw mindanao movement incorporated...we wish u all the best,,keep up the good work ,FROM GMA 7 ISYU KARON
this is a youth focus organization in Philippines,  cagayan de oro city. working for peace and integrated to human rights, environmental concerns and charity works. their  principles are base from Christian, Muslim, Buddist and ancient beliefs (LUmad). actively participating in voluntary works and tie-up to Local, National government, private and public offices, schoold and other NGO activities.
the truth about kalinaw mindanao (KMMI) all thier works and initiative are zero fundings. a porr and small organization bnut commited to serve.
Considiring the facts that this organization do not have fund or financial support from other sector but still they extend thier hands to work for peace in mindanao. work as volunteers and an agent for peace and for a change.they always ensure to seek alternative route to compliment to local and national activities within thier reach.i really admire the youth members of this org as well as the leaders. GOD bless

Feeding, Peace workshop and Proper hand washing orientation at Landfill, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. Every attendees (children’s) were recorded their height and weight. After that, proper hand washing is being oriented. Peace workshop and feeding follows. Done on the 30th day of December 2009.


Volunteer of Kalinaw Mindanao



A Mandala is an ancient art form. It is a sacred circle (as well as many other shapes) that has been used in spiritual traditions around the world.


A Mandala can be created in many different ways. The technique we offer is through writing positive words.
Words hold power. Especially powerful and positive bright words and words of gratitude. This power sprinkles love all around you. It vitalizes people and makes their lives shine.
When we write words in a mandala, their power is poured into the mandala, thus a completed mandala continuously sends forth wonderful and positive energy to all of us and to nature.


KMMI joined (as participant) to the Project initiative by the NEST Philippines-  A Mandala writing workshop at NYPC Office Region-10m Cagayan de Oro City. October 04, 2009



Mandala Writing/Workshop Sponsored by: Networks of Educators for Transformation at NYPDC office.


A circular prayer and petition for good health, peace, unity and transformation of traits , character and attitudes.

Nature and human being are connected to each other, Mandala is one way to infuse each other in order to gain positive energy- where  this energy is very important to both human, planet and other creation. A simplified prayer that rebukes negative elements in our heart, mind, body, soul, spirit and  surrounding.

i love and admire this organization. may the spiritual value continue as your basis for peace advocacy.
This activity a Clean Up Drive Drainage Systems @Lapaz Uno, Agora w/FPOP,Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc,YGMO and local community people. May 29,2011- go go go!

The challenges facing the community now a days, are unpicked litter and dirty drainage that are not maintained by the locals. Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc, w/FPOP and YGMO are doing something to promote “a responsible residence and action” by taking an active role in a cleaner environment. Our collaboration with local organizations , residence (local people) and other NGO is our usual approach. KMMI thru the youth council of the organization tie-up and collaborate to other organization for sustainable projects and initiative. Helping hand in hand and integrating spiritual growth thru prayers and peace advocacy. We aim for holistic peace workers. Working for Peace, Human right and environment advocacies. "HOLISTIC APPROACH"


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