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In HIS time! go go go! amen!

yes, go go go.

i know you have done good work. i hope you will make it. see you soon , GOD bless.

we work so hard in this organization... we think more positive... GO........ KMMI
youth organization....!! GO GO GO.......

wow... naka vote njud ko dah..... grave nga update... so KMMI GO FOR THE GOAL!!!!!!!


















this organization is design for the Youth both school (student) and non schooling youth. helping using thier abilities and youthful skill to make difference to the lives of other , to thier friend, family and community. iam proud that i am on of those volunteer, GOD bless to all KMMI members.

During Peace workshop and feeding program at Brgy. 27, Cagayan de Oro City, July 25, 2010. Peace workshop


Peace workshop is designed to help children to become familiar with several example of peace in figurative way and cartoon presentation (in the bond paper). And to help children extend their knowledge of peace from their own perspective (children perspective) and able to share of what they learned to other. Peace workshop runs for 1-2 hours, all participant were given coloring materials and paper. In the paper you can see a draft figures and cartoon character/drawing. They will color it according to their likes. After Peace workshop, rigid of games where done and afterward feeding program followed. KMMI peace workshop and feeding program are integrated in one activity.

The KMMI feeding program activity held at Brgy.27 Cagayan de Oro City. The program startswith a prayer led by the President, Mr. Rene Paja. It’s started about 2:00 PM and ended at 4:00PM.There were 65-75 children who attended in the peace workshop and feeding program; all attendeeswere given coloring materials and bond paper, wherein they will draw about their individualperspective on peace. Rigid of parlor games were organized with corresponding prizes for allwinners. The parlor games intended to entertain all children who join the peace workshop andfeeding program. After the games and orientation about Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc. thedistributions of food to all children follows. The food that was served is Chicken Aroscaldo – acombination of vegetable, chicken and cooked rice. The said program was attended by almost 50KMMI circle of clans members. After eating, the program ended with closing prayer led by thePresident, Mr. Rene Paja. After the two activities stated above, the MAS Clan oath taking follows, inducted by the President,Mr. Rene Paja. Values formation was integrated on the said event.

Charity works - GIVE A GIFT 2010 at Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City, 9000, Philippines

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