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Cool picture this was in Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City. the one who captured this picture is my friend. cool!

they work not for thier glory but for thier Master. i hope that you will continue your work.

i hope you will make it to the race!

Gift a gift 2010 was held at Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City. After the CYC congress at VillaGracia beach resort, the team proceeds to Gaston Park of the GIVE a Gift program 2010. It startedwith a prayer by Ms. Blessel Cortes @ 3:00PM and ended about 4:30 PM.GIVE a gift is a special project initiated by all Clan members and executive officers under KalinawMindanao Movement, Inc. the objective of this event is to share their blessing to the children. The clan members and the officers join hand in hand to seek for donation both financial assistanceand in kind donors. Praise GOD, there are several donors who donate in kinds and in cash. In cashdonation was use to  purchase toys to be distributed to children who are present during the event.In kind’s donation such as old clothing, kitchen utensils and reading materials were equallydistributed to all children. Before distribution Christmas and Religious songs were recited to allchildren. Rigid of parlor games were organized with corresponding prizes and after that,distribution follows.It ended with a closing Prayer lead by the Chairman of board of director.

Clean up drive - Environmental project October 2010


Clean up drive


Meeting with the member before the Cleanup Drive initiative

Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc. (KMMI) participates but not limited to seminars- workshopsbut also in local community projects. KMMI join the universal initiative on fighting againstclimate change and global warming. As a youth KMMI believe that we can do something in ourown little way by helping clean our community and area where we are situated. Cleaning ofdrainage, costal area and streets is a noble cause. The Linis Kabataan Initiative  ( Youth Clean-upDrive) encourages to all Children, Youth and Citizen to do something using the abilities, strength,time and initiatives.The KMMI officers/members were deployed in the field to collect garbage in the drainage, streetand dispose to proper disposal. This initiative done by the executive council and all clanfounders /members under Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc. a
Amazing and practical organization. they sustained without funds. we are proud of you..
The KMMI feeding program activity held at Nazareth,Cagayan de Oro City. The program startswith a prayer led by YUS Member. It’s started about 2:00PM and ended around 4:30 PM.There were 40-50 children who attended in the feeding program; all attendees were groupaccording to height and gender. Rigid of parlor games were prepared for all attendees withcorresponding prizes given to all winners. Games were organized to entertain all children who jointhe feeding program. The program was integration of Christian Nurture principles wherein God’swords were shared to all children. After the games, sharing the word of GOD and orientation aboutKalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc. , the distributions of food to all children follows. The food thatwas served is Chicken Aroscaldo – a combination of vegetable, chicken and cooked rice. The saidprogram was attended by almost  30 KMMI circle of clans members. After eating, the programended with closing prayer led by the Executive Officer. Christian values formation was integratedon the said event.

SPORT PEACEtival 2010



Sport PEACEtival 2010



sport PEACEtival 2010, at Cagayan de oro City, 9000 Philippines, with KMMI members/volunteers

The above pictures was a  sport PEACETIVAL. This event were attended by various youth clans under kalinaw mindanao movement, inc. The main objectives of this event is to strengthen the camaraderie of all members of the organization. This is one way also to debrief members/volunteer from various outreach program for the past months.


Sport PEACEtival is one way thanking all volunteers for their hardship in working for the organization.



this organization is so active and lots of projects done and upcoming programs to be done!

Job well done! GOD bless you always!



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