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Click on the PDF attachment below to read the complete nomination of Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc.




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cool, your correct kuya renie.

Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc was a volunteer of World Vision Philippines Relief operation at Cagayan de Oro City last January 2009.

KMMI deploying more than 30 youth members to be a volunteer manpower of the relief operation funded by World Vision Philippines.

Confirmation and attendance of KMMI maybe refer thru ADP Center at Cagayan de oro City, Philippines.

i attend to these relief operation, its not 30 youth volunteer, i think there are about 50 kalinaw mindanao movement, inc volunteers present on that relief operation from world vision.


I saw this picture when Cagayan de Oro was affected by Typhon last January 2009. the one who gave goods in the picture is the KMMI president.


volunteerism is thier work! keep it up KMMI.


long live world vision too, - child focus organization...!! GOD bless

me too, i join this relief but - where is my picture? hhmmnnn... its okey. i thank God for allowing me to be part of the relief operation last 2009. i love also World Vision - helping poor children in Cagayan de Oro City...

long live world vision, long live KMMI.

They are good volunteers. excelling in the field of volunteerism and advocating of peace, human rights and environment.

i hope you can make it...... i really appreciate all kalinaw mindanao volunteers!. always remember "Emmanuel" God is with us. continue your voluntary work you've done good things.



Keep up the good work.. make the world change by your finger tips..
Dont ever give up on this situation just take the steps of god..
NEver stop helping..

GOOOD luck on this Group..

One of the great organization in our city and peace is their profession.. :)


yeah i agree with you Luisa, The chairman of this organization is my Classmate in College. he is active in peace movement.

Philippine Government under the Presidential Proclamation 127, S.2001 which sets the last Thursday of November to the first Wednesday of December as the Mindanao Week of Peace.


Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc. compliments to the government national activities. One of those is the Mindanao week of peace celebration. KMMI is actively participating the annual celebration since 2007- until present. These pictures was taken Last November 2010. There are  pictures from 2007-2009 but i think it was posted in thier webblog.



In response to the call of the Philippine Government under the Presidential Proclamation 127,S.2001 which sets the last Thursday of November to the first Wednesday of December as theMindanao Week of Peace. KMMI join the annual celebration together with the other LGU andNGO partners. The Bishop and Ullamah Council of the Philippines, headed by Msgr. Rey Manuel Monsanto,JCDHP, Father Gylnn, Atty. Gandamra, Director on Muslim Affairs and the Military personnel ofAFP, celebrated Mindanao Week of Peace 2010. Upholding peace and unity among people ofMindanao despite of diverse culture , tradition , beliefs and religion.
I'm blissful enough to say that I belong to my KMMI Synergistic Team.


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