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Organisation's Name:            Mreža za izgradnju mira (Network for Building Peace)

Organisation’s Location:       Sarajevo / Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Organisation's Website:       


Description of specific project, practice, or technique:

Network for Building Peace represents 85 members including leading peace and human rights organizations working in Bosnia and Herzegovinan. The Network for Building Peace (known as Mreža za izgradnju mira) has received the traditional Freedom Award of the International Peace Centre for extraordinary contribution to building peace, humanism, fight for human rights and freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world. Peace celebrations, newsletters, photo competitions, parliamentary activities, and school peace competitions are part of this network's work.

Find out more in the attached PDF nomination form.

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Network for Building Peace is organizing one of biggest peace events in whole world this year, Peace Event Sarajevo 2014. 

Peace Event Sarajevo will serve as an acknowledgment for all peace initiatives which have been flourishing for decades and a reminder that peace still needs to be fostered. Furthermore, it will represent an international exchange platform for debate and information on different topics related to nonviolence and peace.

The main themes for the event are: Peace and Social Justice, A Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, Gender, Women and Peace, Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past, Militarism and Alternatives.

Please visit for more information.

Respect for the Peacebuilding Network. And, it’s not just peace you’re building. Your work is well felt in employment, education, social services…. But then again, that is the way to build peace. Isn't it?


Respect for this organisation, it is very good source of information for NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Beside the huge Peace event in Sarajevo, B&H, as a cultural change for peace which this Network organizes, promotes and supports, there are a lot of nonviolent engagement also. Network for Building Peace coordinated and coordinates series actions of NGO, local government, media, individuals in different aspects of peace building.

All Network activities  are related to support aspects of sustainable coexistence, strengthening  the capacity of civil society to build peace, promotion and protection of human rights, gender equality, public dialogue and democracy.

The Network for Building Peace is one of the most important networks in the life of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is bringing together key actors who have worked and still work on maintaining peace, helping those who still need to deal with the past, promoting peace activism, and bringing together individuals and groups across ethnic, religious, ideological and geographical boundaries.

It cooperates closely with the regional peace networks thus ensuring that peace issues are equally represented in all Balkan (Western Balkan) countries. The Network for Building Peace is a recognised interlocutor with local and national authorities, politicians, academics and citizens.

In cooperation with all peace activists, groups and organisations, it is continuously devising strategies to maintain peace, to build understanding, promote tolerance and non-violent action.

As a peace activitist, but also as a feminist, I am proud that the Network for Building Peace works with and through feminist and women's organisations, too.

Small Steps are very proud to be member of Network for Building Peace!

Amra Pandžo, Small Steps  

Huge respect for Peace building Network. They are doing an amazing job in our country.. Plus, they always selflessly support and promote activities of other organizations, including the one I work for! 

Heavy rainfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina has resulted in the worst flooding country have seen since records began 120 years ago, meteorologists say. Number of dead, half of country is under the water and mud. We shall see what will happen with numerous minefields left after the war, they will most probably move towards populated areas. Still, all this is was followed with solidarity where several members of Network for Building Peace raised hundreds of thousands dollars in money and humanitarian aid to support people at the field. Follow us at
Just before these most unfortunate events we hosted a dinner for 100 donors at international conference speaking about dealing with the past, and prepared special issue of our Peace Newsletter available at Although war ended long time ago we still have only fragile peace, without all the hard work by civil society it is hard to know what might happen.
Solidarity for all! Help Bosnia and Herzegovina!

I have recently started a social media movement among youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on their further education and spreading information about scholarship opportunities in B&H and abroad. That network currently counts 9.302 members from B&H and neighbouring countries, and from various personal, educational and professional backgrounds. In the name of all these members, I wish to thank Goran and the Network for Building Peace for all the information that they have shared with us in the previous years. Besides that, since I am a feminist and a peace activist myself and a member of this Network, I wish to commend their passion and devotion to peace building, but also for protecting and promoting human rights, especially women's human rights and the rights of LGBT people in B&H and abroad. This nomination speaks for itself since the Network for Building Peace definitely deserves this prestigious prize!

Network for Building Peace Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the greatest and most active civil society organizations and individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It provides useful information to all other civil society organizations and Networks such as Women’s, Youth and Justice Network.  Its greatest value is the variety of organizations members of the Peace Building Network including veterans and war victims organizations, women’s organizations for women’s human rights and LGBT population, environment, religious and humanitarian, those combating for the human rights and children as well as all other marginalized groups. Despite the fact that they are not always being  on the same sides or have opposite stances, such as the 1992 – 1995 war veterans, LGBT and religious organizations, what unites them all is the better future of this country or, better said, PEACE made them united. 

Aleksandar, hCa 

Network for Building Peace Bosnia and Herzegovina is great! Excellent source of information and support for NGO's in BiH!

Network for Building Peace is the best source of NGOs activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Network provides you with the best, complete, and in the same time unique opportunities for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, with its activities, the Network is promoting peace, stability, and prosperity without any ethnic, religious, ideological and geographical boundaries. Their latest and one of the biggest events is the Peace Event Sarajevo will be held from 6 - 9 June 2014, and I believe that will be a truly unique, educational, and inspiring experience for all participants. It is also important to mention that the Network for Building Peace influenced not just process of peace building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also social services, education, employment, protection and promotion of human rights, public dialogue, etc. 


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