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Organisation's Name:            Mreža za izgradnju mira (Network for Building Peace)

Organisation’s Location:       Sarajevo / Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Organisation's Website:       


Description of specific project, practice, or technique:

Network for Building Peace represents 85 members including leading peace and human rights organizations working in Bosnia and Herzegovinan. The Network for Building Peace (known as Mreža za izgradnju mira) has received the traditional Freedom Award of the International Peace Centre for extraordinary contribution to building peace, humanism, fight for human rights and freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world. Peace celebrations, newsletters, photo competitions, parliamentary activities, and school peace competitions are part of this network's work.

Find out more in the attached PDF nomination form.

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Due to the floods that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina (including the city where I live) I almost forgot to sign up and support the nomination Network for building peace BiH for World Vision Peace Prize.

There are several reasons for supporting:

- dedication of this network that continuously works on sustainable peace and affirmation and promotion of human rights, particularly of different marginalized groups in BiH society (women, war veterans, persons with disabilities, LGBT, returnees, ect).

- possibility to mobilize local communities and civil society organizations to act

- binding of all stakeholders to work together (CSOs, national governments, media, academy, etc.)

I am very proud to be part of this network and I strongly recommend them for World Vision Peace Prize.

Dragana, hCa Banjaluka

It is not easy to find proper words to express my appreciation for everything that the Network for Building Peace is doing in the Bosnia and Herzegovina society.....Maybe to repead this what someone already said:“ The Network for Building Peace is one of the most important networks in the life of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is bringing together key actors who have worked and still work on maintaining peace, helping those who still need to deal with the past, promoting peace activism, and bringing together individuals and groups across ethnic, religious, ideological and geographical boundaries.”

Also, I would like to mention the name of Mr. Goran Bubalo, who is always willing to answer our questions or give the best advice

Network for Building Peace is currently the most active civil society network in B&H. It's well organised and definitely the best source of information for NGO-s.

It's a network that connect and support all people in B&H regardless their background.


Network for Building Peace is the most active NGO network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The network provides grate oportunities and possiblities for cooperation, exchanges, partnership,  joint activism and share information among the partners organisations. Openly talking about the most sensitive issues such as conflict, war tesetemonies, etnic and national differences, but also the issues which facing the positive future. As the member organisation Local Democracy agency of Mostar, always proudly ponit out the membership in the Network for Builidng peace.

I have a great respect for the Network for Building Peace and their work and activities. They keep us informed all the time about many important segments of the life in BiH. The Network for Building Peace gathers various NGOs from the entire BiH, which is also great.

Why we need Mreza Mira BiH  - document attached.


Great appreciation and support for the best network of non-governmental organizations and civil society in Bosnia and Hercegovina

NGO "AURORA-TESLIC" is newly founded organization that owes much gratitude to the Network for Peace buildingIn addition to the people who are directly involved in the establishment of this organization, the Network for Peace building has provided us with the assistance so that they generously allow us access to educational materialscall for proposal from the donors and regularly inform us about all the activities taking place within civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. 
From my humble experience, I find that they really affect the connectivity of civil society organizations and their cooperation and that they have deserved this award through their work and energy.


I wish to congratulate Network for Peacebuliding for the professional, passionate and reliable work that they have been doing over the years! They show us that building peace is possible despite challenges in our country.

I hope Network for Peacebuilding will receive this prize in recognition for inspiring effort in building peace.

Network for Building Peace should be praised on multiple accounts for all the significant yet difficult job they are doing in ensuring people of Bosnia and Herzegovina move forward, from belligerent past into European and progressive future. 
With the commemoration of WWI centenary and Peace Event Sarajevo ahead of us, awarding Peace Prize to the Network would certainly send strong message of committment to ensure that "Never Again" will not be repeated for the third time! It would reward the concrete steps Network members are making daily in that direction. 

Keep up the extraordinary work!

In my 12 years of working with peacebuilding intiatives in Bosnia this is the one that brings together some of the most effective organizations and is also supported by those organizations - it's not just a formal network.  Peacebuilding in Bosnia, probably like in lots of places, institutions that will be around for the long haul and I believe this is one.  Effectiveness comes from living peacebuilding values.

My organisation has been cooperating with The Network for Building Peace for several years now. They have always been very open, supportive and ready to help when we needed. As youth worker I must emphasize that this network is very valuable for us who work in NGO sector in Bosnia; it is a very good source of information for NGOs and other sectors of social and business life, as well as one of the most important networks in the life of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Network for Building Peace brings together everybody who has worked and still works on maintaining peace, promoting peace activism, and bringing together individuals and groups across ethnic, religious, ideological and geographical boundaries.

In the same time it provides useful information to all other civil society organizations and Networks making our work much easier. I couldn't imagine anyone who deserves more to win World Vision award for Peace Activism.


Gordana, Svitac


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