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Organisation's Name:            Mreža za izgradnju mira (Network for Building Peace)

Organisation’s Location:       Sarajevo / Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Organisation's Website:       


Description of specific project, practice, or technique:

Network for Building Peace represents 85 members including leading peace and human rights organizations working in Bosnia and Herzegovinan. The Network for Building Peace (known as Mreža za izgradnju mira) has received the traditional Freedom Award of the International Peace Centre for extraordinary contribution to building peace, humanism, fight for human rights and freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world. Peace celebrations, newsletters, photo competitions, parliamentary activities, and school peace competitions are part of this network's work.

Find out more in the attached PDF nomination form.

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On behalf of International Peace Center who gave award to Network for Building Peace I wish to give full support for nomination of Network for the World Vision Award. I especially give recognition to volunteers of peace and mission of the Network in BiH society. I am convinced that World Vision Award would encourage new social activism in BiH and influence on culture of peace and nonviolence.
Ibrahim Spahic, President of IPC Sarajevo

It is hard to say anything in this difficult times, not thinking about uncertainty ahead of us, what will be our homeland BiH and did we finally reached permanent peace and prosperity in it. Luckily in this difficult time “appeared” genial idea from visionary, Goran, so now it’s not only that we have idea but the whole movement for better life in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wider in whole region of Balkans.
Members of the Network for Building Peace are all with progressive ideas of peace and life starting from their local community, to the level of BH state and all its citizens. That is increasingly recognized effect of the Network for Building Peace, the effort and the selflessness to help all who are in some kind of trouble or they help the needy and warm human understanding. Faster than anybody and at the right time there is a Network with members who are always at the service of people and with kindness, humanity and philanthropy, and never for personal gain and personal promotion, and not seeking recognition.
All this hard work and activities of the Network for Building Peace are recognized, and through ​​nomination for the prize goes up and the value of all activities initiated and conducted. Therefore, we are pleased that the nomination for this award recognized work of the Network, the work of its bodies, so with great pride that we are supporting the proposal is proud of her.
Alliance for the Return of Refugees

What words to use in these difficult times, when most of us believe that it was never as difficult and uncertain as it is today. But we, friends, have an idea, a movement, one meaning for a better life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region, and at the end whole world. All members of Network for Building Peace carry progressive ideas of peace and life from the local community to the state, and it comes from all of us.
In all of our activities we are recognized for our unselfish efforts to help all those who are in trouble or in need and request human help. We don’t wait for proclamations, laws, coordination, agreement by the government and non-governmental organizations, but we operate and work on personal service to people. We were never working for our personal recognition, we have never dreamed of personal promotion, but many of us are now highly recognized in local communities for our work and became role models for the future.
Network for Peace Building through its creator Goran gave new meaning to the beginning of recognition of the war victims, that there is a light at the end of our tunnel. Today they again became people even though in very damaged medical conditions, and they are the backbone of all genuine activities and it is not wonder what they think of Network as their and they are willing to give anything to help the people.
Once again I am glad that Network’s work is recognized and I proudly support their/our nomination.
Zlatko Prkic
Croatian Associations of War-camp Prisoners from Vares

Respect for this organisation, it is very good source of information for NGO

Network for Building Peace deserves this Prize! The best source for information.

Huge respect!!!

Network for Building Peace succeeded to gather the most important and relevant CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reminding  us all that unless our job on peace building is done, all other efforts will be useless. It is amazing to see (again) what small group of dedicated people can do to change our country. I hope that this award will be a huge recognition of their hard work!  

Network for Building Peace helps building bridges between NGOs and citizens, civil society and communities. It connects civil society organizations and increase potential for mutual cooperation. By giving proper information on regular basis it enables all of us to be informed, connected and to build peace together.


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