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Passion, commitment, endless energy - these are some of the words that best describe Kai Brand-Jacobsen and I am glad that PATRIR was nominated for this prize. You well deserve it!

Congratulations to the entire team. You are truly an example for others.


Ana Dima, UNDP Romania

MESSAGE FROM Frode Restad,

Mediator and Former Director of the Norwegian Peace Council

I have known PATRIR and their dedicated staff since 2003, both as a participant in courses and trainings and as a colleague on projects. My impression has always been that PATRIR is a point of reference for the development and implementation of nonviolent methods and ideology in Europe. I have personally benefitted tremendously from the demanding standards set by their staff, and from the openness and kindness with which PATRIR engages with other actors in the field. Constantly seeking to advance the ideas of peacebuilding and nonviolent conflict transformation, and constantly sharing and promoting best practices and ideas for the betterment of all mankind. I am convinced that PATRIR is well deserving of this prize and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Frode Restad
Former Director of the Norwegian Peace Council

MESSAGE FROM Paulin Regnard

Former UNMIS Civil Affairs Officer

I strongly hope PATRIR is going to win this well-deserved prize. As a former trainee (may 2009) I feel that I can testify to PATRIR's professionalism and hospitality. My best wishes to Kai and his great team!

Paulin Regnard
Geneva, Switzerland


Dear World Vision Jury,

I had the opportunity to know Kai during my time as Latin America Coordinator of Nonviolent Peace force. Now I am only a focal point there, but continue working hard to engage and increase the people committed to change the world and I am very clear that Kai and others are using PATRIR to do that.

Let me say that during at least 10 times with Kai we have talked the ways on how to promote the peace work in Latin America and Caribbean but Of course firstly analyzing our own cultural context, our own history because our violence in Latin came from many years and many times ago, and of course the history in Europe and the history in Latin America have their own particularities.

Why I am saying it, because I am clear that Kai and PATRIR in any moment will have the possibility to work together to analyse these things, and of course develop tools together in our Region, according our own cultural context.

You have gotten excellent experiences in many parts of the world, but we have in hands together many things to do by the future, for these circusntances I really and with all my feelings hope PATRIR could win this peace prize, because they are doing things not only to "plugging holes" of the human hostility and mistakes to our own lives, but doing this with analyzed tools after many studies and practices.

With my big affection to you all Patrir friends,
from ecuador in Latin America

Punto Focal
Fuerzas de Paz Noviolentas
MESSAGE FROM David Hartsough

Dear Friends at World Vision,

I highly commend PATRIR's (Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania) nomination for the World Vision Peace Prize. Kai Brand-Jacobsen, their Director has been one of the leading people in the world working to mediate conflicts and assist in peaceful resolution of conflicts in many areas which could have become major wars. PATRIR, with a small staff, have developed one of the best training programs in Peace Building in the world. They have trained more than 3,000 people from over 70 countries in the skills of peace building, peace making and conflict transformation. Nothing could be more important than to train and prepare thousands of peacemakers who can help in building peace at the grass-roots and governmental levels throughout the world.

PATRIR has made a major contribution to helping build the Nonviolent Peaceforce (of which I am a Co-Founder) which now has over 100 trained nonviolent peacekeepers working in three major conflict areas in Sri Lanka, Mindanao, and South Sudan. The graduates of PATRIR's training program are also putting their training and skills to work in communities in Romania and around the world.

PATRIR is sharing a passion and commitment to peacemaking which will continue to have a powerful impact for the rest of their lives.

Thank you PATRIR. Your contribution to peace by peaceful means in Romania and world wide makes you more than worthy to receive the World Vision International Peace Prize.

David Hartsough
Co-Founder of the Nonviolent Peaceforce
The Commonwealth Secretariat

The work PATRIR has undertaken with the Commonwealth Secretariat as an intergovernmental organisation engaged in high level political mediation, in building institutional capacity to better deliver holistic and more effective design and implementation of conflict prevention and resolution activities is invaluable. Helping the organisation to better link our political work with technical assistance in key development areas has helped us to deliver more comprehensive and effective peacebuilding, which addresses systemic issues and helps build domestic capacity to sustain peace and stability.

The knowledge, skill and support the organisation has brought to bolster the skills and approach of individual officers like myself has enabled us to learn and apply a more rigorous approach to our work. This has been inspiring and rewarding on both a professional and personal level.

I fully support PATRIR's nomination for the prize, which I believe is thoroughly deserved.

Sabhita Raju
Political Affairs Officer
Political Affairs Division
The Commonwealth Secretariat
A great organization with remarkable experience in peace building around the world. One truly worth endorsing...

It has been a great honor for me to be a part of PATRIR for the past five months. I am a volunteer at PATRIR, involved in a great project, Palying a Leading Role. It has a great team, who are dedicated for their work.

I fully spport PATRIR's nomination for the Peace Prize.

To the Attention of the International Awards Committee


”Department of Education for Peace and Development (DEPD)of PATRIR

For Consideration by the International Awards Committee


PATRIR was established on March 8th 2001. The date was chosen specifically to honour and celebrate International Women’s Day and to ensure from the beginning the Institute’s strong commitment to core values and principles, including the key role of women as Peacebuilders and the need to overcome all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination. From the start, PATRIR was a voluntary initiative – built from citizens and community-members making the choice to become actively engaged to address issues in our community, nationally and internationally. Even to this day – after 10 years – PATRIR is fundamentally based on this choice: and upon people working together to find practical, creative and effective ways to address the challenges facing us.


Because of the scale of our international engagement it is often easy to forget that PATRIR is a small, locally rooted community-based organisation. As the Romanian Peace Institute we are mandated to work in Romania to address conflicts in Romania and to help build infrastructure and capabilities for peace and conflict transformation locally and nationally. When working abroad, we do so only at the invitation of our partners – be they governments, local communities, civil society organisations, UN Agencies, or other national and international organisations. Our aim here is to assist in strengthening effective capabilities for peace, to support the development of locally- and nationally-owned peace processes which meet the needs and respect the dignity of all actors and parties involved, and to build standing, sustainable infrastructure for peacebuilding and violence prevention. We are motivated in this by Gandhi’s statement and the belief that ‘peace is best built by local people in their own communities.’ The same way we have invested for decades and centuries in the development of medical capabilities, military capabilities, and capabilities in almost every other field of human activity, PATRIR – together with many others around the world – works to do the same with our capacities to address conflicts effectively through peaceful means.


In doing this, we are part of a global field. For all of us at PATRIR, this is one of our greatest inspirations. Today, peacebuilding is not the result or domain of any single individual or organisation. Instead, important contributions are being made by an incredibly broad and diverse array of actors, from concerned citizens to governments, local initiatives to international organisations, artists, students, researchers, journalists, veterans, community and religious leaders, decision-makers, women and men, youth and elders, and people of all cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds – motivated by a common dedication: to alleviate and prevent the harm and suffering caused by violence, to enable and assist communities to address conflicts healthily and constructively, and to improve well-being. Everyone at PATRIR draws inspiration from this legacy and shared contribution, and works every day – with integrity, honesty and commitment – to make this visible and support this work further.


On our 10th Anniversary Year, all of us at PATRIR wish to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements and contributions being made by the tens and tens of thousands of people involved in peacebuilding, peacekeeping, peacemaking and prevention world-wide. While the challenges facing us in this work are significant, it is important also to recognize what has been achieved, and to make visible positive developments and what can be done by each and all of us to improve the quality, impact and effectiveness of peacebuilding.


We also feel it is important to recognize the contributions being made by each of this year’s nominees and finalists for the World Vision Peace Prize. All of these organisations work in their own ways to help build peace, transform conflicts, and work for a better world. All of them provide inspiration to people in their communities and internationally. Being nominated together with them is an honour. As PATRIR, we would like to celebrate and thank the staff, volunteers, supporters, members and partners of each of these organisations, and hope we will have the opportunity to work together with you in our common efforts.


We would also like to thank World Vision globally for their work to make the efforts of local Peacebuilders and peace organisations more visible, and to express our deep thanks to World Vision Romania: you have been a wonderful partner of PATRIR for years, and remain so to this day. We see the contributions you are making in Romania and internationally, and we are honoured to work together with you. Thank you for having nominated PATRIR for this year’s World Vision International Peace Prize. This recognition of the work of the Institute and of all of those who have been involved in it from the beginning has meant a lot to us, and we are deeply appreciative.


As one of the original founders of PATRIR and in my final year as President of PATRIR – though I hope to remain as a staff and colleague for many years to come! – I have had the opportunity to witness, take part in, and reflect upon the journey of PATRIR from its founding to today. Many people have been part of this. People from all across Romania, and all around the world. Today, as in all points in PATRIR’s journey, the core work of the Institute is carried out by an exceptionally young team. Our core staff in Cluj-Kolozsvar-Klausenburg are almost always in their early 20s to mid- to late- 30s, with many younger volunteers and interns from university and schools as well! They work daily, often learning as we go, because they – we – are motivated by the knowledge that we can make a difference, and that it is up to us to do so. We work in peacebuilding, not just out of a sense of ‘responsibility’ but out of a passionate dedication and joy: out of a love for what is beautiful in the world, out of breathtaking wonder at the richness and diversity of our cultures and peoples, and from the motivation to help build peace which makes a difference in each person’s life. We work with international organisations to local communities, with governments to armed opposition movements. We work with children in schools to child soldiers around the world. We work, live, celebrate, discover, struggle, wrestle, make mistakes, and try to learn from them, because we know that peace is possible, that there are more effective ways of addressing conflicts, and that violence must end. To all of my colleagues, to all of my friends, today and throughout the years at PATRIR – thank you, for all that you have done, and all that you are doing.


It is an honour to be a part of this team. It’s an honour to be a part of this field. I believe PATRIR’s dedication, integrity, joy, and constant work for the past 10 years make it well-deserving of this wonderful peace prize.


With appreciation and sincere thanks.

In peace,



PATRIR Peaceworker

Dear PATRIR team,


As representative of World Vision Romania and as supporter, collaborator and long time friend of the PATRIR team, I would like to thank you and celebrate you for the wonderful work that you are doing.


You give hope, inspiration and motivation to people worldwide. And most of all, you fight for what many of us just dream of: a better world, a beautiful world, a peaceful world!


Wishing you all the best of luck!


Claudia Pedersen

International Programs Manager

World Vision Romania



One simple sentence for PATRIR,( I worked as Internee in PATRIR in 2007 and I am from Pakistan), " I met best people in my life who are sincere and honest , truly believe in peace and respect for humanity, during my working with PATRIR"


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