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I am very pleased to add my voice in support of PATRIR for the World Vision Peace Prize. The achievments of this small organization over its ten years are enormous. Almost everywhere I travel to meet and work with leaders in the peacebuilding community, PATRIR is involved, if not leading the most effective initiatives. 

The narrative describing PATRIR included in this process documents the many places and successes of PATRIR, so I need not comment on it. I will simply add that my own experiences with Kai Brand-Jacobsen and PATRIR are always inspiring.

The concept of reducing the frequency and severity of violent conflicts by applying peacebuilding strategies is gaining traction and effectiveness worldwide. PATRIR is a vital part of this vital growth and impact, and I highly recommend granting the 2011 World Vision Peace Prize to PATRIR. 


Charles F. (Chic) Dambach

President and CEO

Alliance for Peacebuilding

Washington, DC     

Congratulations for your achievements! I hope you find the power and energy to go on and have good results!

To put it simply, PATRIR is a success story. A success through its people, its programs, its outreach and its commitment to bring about change. I have had the pleasure to participate in programs with them and I was impressed by the interaction, the stimulating discussions, the multicultural exposure and the quality of the participants. PATRIR's leadership is outstanding and undoubtely a key element in the building of its success. PATRIR is also an example of going global from the local level. Based in the university town of Cluj in Transilvania, a multicultural setting in central Romania, in the past 10 years PATRIR has crossed boundaries and borders both geographically and mentally. The results and outcomes of its endeavors have been visible throughout the globe from Sudan, to Cyprus, to Kosovo and Northern Ireland to name a few. PATRIR rightfully deserves the WV peace prize.


Dr. Oana Popa, former ambassador of Romania to Croatia (2005-2009)

Nothing against all the the other impressive initiatives. But my vote is for PARTIR. Why, I know these people personally and apreciate their work in Training for Peace. As active member of Nonviolent Peaceforce I remember, how they organised an impressive training in Romania that was so realistic that even the Romanian army which was involved as kind of actors were surprised. They are also engaged in NP European member organisations' coordination. So, they are so valuable.

As member of board of German peace organisation Bund für Soziale Verteidigung I can just say: they are our sisters (and brothers)! And I am greeting our former voluntary and big friend, Laura!


P.S.: I hope to see some of you in Aland!

Congratulations on the nomination for the Peace Prize!

I am only a recent volunteer at PATRIR, but the interactions with the people working here, the events and the initiatives started here have marked me profoundly. I am grateful to be a part of such an awesome, dedicated, professional, inspiring team.

P.S. Happy 10th anniversary!

I came to contact with PATRIR some 7 years ago and I know them as a partner in a common project, as a participant of their course, as a trainer and faciitator co-operating with PATRIR's staff and volunteers in many occasions and always I have seen:

- dedication and high professionality of PATRIR people

- warm hearts prepared to cooperate and share

- clear profile and mission of the organisation which can be understood well from outside.

The last of three points I consider to be very important especially in Central and Eastern European region where my organisation - PDCS, o.z. is based. The history of peace movement and activism is quite different from other parts of the world and it is very important to have the examples of organisations and people who are knowledgable, professional AND dedicated to nonviolence and peace here. There are just a few of such kind in the region. In my opinion, PATRIR is the reference point/benchmark/the example among them regarding quality, scope and dedication in their work.

As you can see I refer to PATRIR as to "them". PATRIR is not just another organisation for me. It is not "it". PATRIR are people. They are not a machine for producing "peaceful outputs". And that is what I appreciate on their professionality.


Hlo friends

I add this comment to support PATRIR file to win in Peace Prize

I was knew PATRIR since 4 years ago ... I happy cause I was worked with them in peace-building in Iraq ( and you know Iraq is on of most dangers country in the world ) .


World Without Wars & Violence

Ali Sahib


A small part of our work in Romania






Celebrating Diversity and Multiculturalism Seminar

Peace Day 21st of September

Glocal Tour Project

PLAY Project

Stand Up against Poverty

PLAY Project

Gender and Peacebuilding

Gender and Peacebuilding

Peace Day

PATRIR, how shall I say, is second to non, their activities are world over, they blow your mind, they open your eyes to the realities of this world, PATRIR Peace building training really helped me to turn my weaknesses into my strenght, they are doing the work all over, Europe, America, Africa, in any civil society meetings you must count number of people that have heard one training or the other with PATRIR. I nominate them for the award, 2011.

PATRIR is one of the most consistently effective organizations for peacebuilding training and field work that I've heard of. Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Corina Simon, and the rest of the staff are unsung heroes that greatly deserve to be sung about. They have performed miracles behind the scenes to bring and build peace in so many of the world's hot spots, from Mexico, to Eastern Europe, to Sudan, to the Middle East, You don't read or hear about this sort of work in the news media, which focus primarily on drama that's happening. What PATRIR does is help reduce or avoid the drama, leaving nothing "newsworthy" for the media to report on (but what is considered "newsworthy" is another conversation).

That's the field work. On the training side of things, PATRIR has also made significant contributions to growing the field of peacebuilding, providing the skills and capacities for others to build peace in their own homes, communities, businesses, and in the world. And I know this because I've personally benefited by some of the training they provide. Further, their staff have been active participants in the founding of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace and of the National Peace Academy in the United States, both organizations I am active in. 

I am proud to count the people of PATRIR among my personal friends and professional colleagues on this journey of peace.


This nomination does not surprise me as it is fully deserved! I am extremely happy to congratulate PATRIR for this achievement!


PATRIR is more than work, it is more than dedication, it is more than vision, it is a successful contribution to a more peaceful world through a genuine connection to the fundamental principles of human beingness!


My deepest gratitude for the wonderful ways in which PATRIR has helped me grow,


Stefan Cibian

PhD Candidate

Central European University, DS-IRES


Founded in post communist Romania, PATRIR plays an important role to spread the ideas and especially practices of Peacebuilding into Eastern Europe. It is an invaluable asset for Romania and the whole region to have such an internationally renown institute.


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