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PATRIR has gained a well deserved reputation as a leading international organisation in the field of peacebuilding and training and preparation of practitioners and experts for working with a broad range of conflict issues. From assistance to governments to work on the ground with local communities, PATRIR practitioners and associates root their approach in strengthening local and national capacities for peacebuilding. Weaving together the fields of theory and practice, they help to bring forward the frontiers of the field while working in constructive cooperation with a wide range of organisations and actors. I’m glad to support their nomination for the World Vision International Peace Prize. Cedric de Coning, Research Fellow, ACCORD & NUPI

PATRIR does do some great training.  The discipline of thought is thorough and exacting.  I keep those notes closest to my desk in my own NGO work.


Karen Dickman

Executive Director

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

PATRIR has immensely empowered individuals and organizations from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas by bridging the gap between time-driven ''felt needs'' of communities and systematic approaches to peacebuilding in every shape or form at all levels.

The scope and outcomes of the institute's uniquely adapted/adaptable workshops and other structures backed by its dynamism to pin point and address issues of relevance have been of immense benefit to the work of fledging organizations in Africa like ours, inspite of the physical distance since May 2007.

PATRIR's contribution to Peace is indeed invaluable.

For: OHCI-for-Africa,

Augustine Komba Mends

Founder and Executive Director (Ag.)

From the 11th to 22nd of May 2009 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania I participated in the Spring Peace Academy’s following two training programmes:

  • Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Post-War Recovery, Reconciliation and Healing (PCTR);
  • Designing Peacebuilding Programmes (DPP)

The training programs were organized by the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR).

The training and discussions, group work and forums helped participants to develop their practical skills, knowledge, experience and expertise, tools and methods for peacebuilding and conflict transformation. During trainings participants from across the Bleak Sea Reagion took part in an 11-days planning, development and design session for the creation of a Black Sea Peacebuilding Platform. 

The program was an intensive, very useful and highly effective; the trainers - Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen and Denis V. Matveev are professionals, highly competent peacebuilders and kind people; and the PATRIR team is SMART and inspired.

I strongly support the PATRIR nomination for the World Vision Peace Prize and I do hope that the Selection Committee will make a right decision.


Syuzanna Barseghyan

Member at the National Citizens’ Initiative (NCI) NGO

Yerevan, Armenia 






PATRIR is about people; it has its ways to reveal the best from each and everyone o f us, to make us aware of the complex world we're lucky to live in...Somehow, it works like a magnet, once you've touched it, you'll always gonna gravited around it!


PATRIR brings to Cluj and to Romania that "something else", it puts us on the map by adding international flavor to our environment...I feel blessed for having PATRIR in my life :) Thank you!


Raluca Vontea

Lawyer  "Filip&Associates"

I want to give my voice of support to PATRIR, the organization which gave me a great fresh start in an interesting and challenging world of peacebuilding. In 2007-2009 we were  working together in cooperative peace project in Moldova –Transnistria which was focusing on building civil society capacities for peacebuilding. That’s was a great job experience with a very positive impact. The people who have had participated in this program now have useful  skills, knowledge and experience that they are using in their activities, political, nongovernmental and professional work.  And now we can see that the process of resolving Moldo-Transnistrian conflict became more positive and we hope that in a near future it will be resolved.

I have been working with World Vision Lebanon for more than three years now and within the peacebuilding sector. To expand my knowlege and understanding on peacebuilding programming, I have attended "Designing Peacebuilding Programmes Programmes" training at PATRIR which proved to be a very positive experience. I was impressed on two grounds: (1) the quality of the training delivered, and (2) the passion and the heart that PATRIR staff put into their work. The tools provided during the training have been very useful and interesting, coupled with inspiration and encouragement to perservere in working and advocating for peace action. I would highly recommend PATRIR for the peace prize based on my experience with the organization. I also hope for a strenghtened partnership between PATRIR and WVI.


Olivia Pennikian

Faith, Dialogue and Peacebuilding Officer

World Vision Lebanon   

I completely agree with the nomination of PATRIR for the WV Peacebuilding prize. On behalf of the ECPM I participated to the conference on diversity in Cluj Napoca organized by PATRIR.
Besides I also participated to a conference about conflicts organized in the UK parliament. I am impressed by the activities the organization is undertaking not only in Romania but also in other parts of Europe. I also like their work that they do with compassion and their approach for conflict resolution.
At the moment I am exploring further ways for collaborations for courses and projects in countries where I am involved as a representative for East Europe for the European Christian Political Movement. The recognition for the peace prize will give the enthusiastic and professional team the recognition they deserve and they need in order to grow and to have even more impact not only in Europe but maybe also in other countries in the world.

Leo van Doesburg
European Christian Political Movement (ECPM)
Celebrating the International Day of Peace with PATRIR, Cluj Napoca, Romania
PATRIRIANS celebrating The International Day of Peace, Cluj Napoca- Romania, 2010


small groups - presenting the solutions they discussed over 3 days of workshops to the community challenges we face in Cluj-Napoca in regards to combating discrimination and promoting multiculturalism and diversity

the end of 3 days of discussions, plans, solutions - and friendships

During 3 days 130 youth, representatives of the various ethnic groups in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, have participated in workshops discussing the challenges we face now in our community, came up with solutions to the problems, celebrated their diversity and most importantly, became friends.

"Felicitări pentru organizarea evenimentului de joi! Îmi pare rău că pot să-mi arăt entuziasmul doar acum, dar am fost foarte stresată cu olimpiada de biologie la care urma să particip, încât nu m-am putut bucura aproape de nimic în decursul săptămânii care a trecut. Acesta a fost şi motivul pentru care am plecat atât de repede, fără măcar a te îmbrăţişa şi a-ţi mulţumi pentru faptul că mi-ai (ne-ai) oferit oportunitatea de a participa la un astfel de eveniment.
Iubesc organizaţia PATRIR. Nu vreau să sune superficial sau a exagerare, dar alt verb mai potrivit nu am găsit. Îmi place, pentru simplul fapt că mă scoate din monotonia vieţii de licean, care presupune în mare parte, ore de curs şi teme de făcut acasă. Prin urmare, te rog să mă ţii, când poţi, la curent cu ce activităţi mai sunt în desfăşurare."

L. F. - eleva clasa a unsprezecea, participant seminar "Celebrarea diversitatii si multi-culturalismului"


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