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I would like to congratulate PATRIR for the nomination. The organisation has a vast experience in peace-building, conflict transformation , mediation, gender projects and the team has always been dynamic, knowledgeable and professional. I had the chance to work for PATRIR as a volunteer and Junion Researcher during its first years and the friendships formed in 2001 lasted for a long time. The knowledge gained there was very useful from a personal and professional viewpoint.

The training programmes, grassroots actions and enthusiasm of the team recommend PATRIR as one of the most effective and successful Romanian NGOs. I wish PATRIR good luck in its future activities and I would like to hear that the World Vision Peace Prize will be awarded to this great organisation.


In peace,

Monica Pantazi



Several years ago now a group in London invited Kai-Frijtof Brand Jacobsen to come to London to work with them on Peace training.  The group did not have any money so I offered to host Kai in my home.  My first impression was that he looked very young but he could not possibly be as young as he looked because he was wise and spoke very carefully.  He knew so much and I really enjoyed our time between his meetings/trainings when we could talk and discuss and share ideas.  I learned that he was indeed very young, 24, but wise beyond his years.

Kai has returned to London many times in the years since we first met.  Many/most of the times he has been here he has stayed with me. (Though recently he has stayed in hotels when it is part of the programme).  When he is in town, even when he is not staying with me, we always find time to talk and share ideas.  He has been most helpful to me in helping me develop my own ideas about peace building and approaches to try and ones that might be creative and might work.  We keep in touch between visits as well.

On some of his visits to London he has been with colleagues from PARTIR.  I have been consistently impressed by the quality, knowledge and training that he and his colleagues bring to the table, as human beings, able to listen, laugh and offer important insights into the issue being discussed.

Kai was born into the peace movement and is devoting his life to it with his partner Denisa.  I have only ever heard about his commitment to his work.  People I know who have participated in his seminars/workshops/trainings only have the highest praise and look forward to the next time they will be able to work with PARTIR and with Kai.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Vice President


"PATRIR has conducted several trainings for Civil Affairs staff of the United Nations Mission in Liberia. So far it has been one of the most comprehensive trainings in terms of content and skills delivery, particularly in areas of developing strategies for Monitoring and Evalauation of Peacebuilding interventions. The Institution excels in facilitation and engagement with their trainees, thus making every aspect of exercises worthwhile and highly rewarding. I can attest to the fact that, by the knowledge and skills gained by staff members of our organisation who were privileged to attend, have continued to assist them in performing their functions and support the Peace consolidation and Recovery efforts of the UN Mission and the government of Liberia. "

Great news for me to know about World Vision initiative to award PATRIR. It really deserve it! For daring to challenge the Romanian society but also to awake individuals to generate change: changing themselves and changing  the little world around them, contributing at the bigger and more important changes! We all needs peace, but we realize it only when we loose it. But before loosing it we need to be prepared to keep it; it is a long and sustainable process! An individual and a collective effort! This brought PATRIR in Romania: the awareness that a little country it's able to make big changes and to be an example of peaceful thinking and acting for bigger powers. A small group has the courage "to be the change they want to see in the world" - it do it discreetly but strongly, catchy and influential!    

I come back to tell you about my personal experience with PATRIR.   

I’ve been sitting in the Gandhi Library for the last hours this morning reading through the comments people put in support of PATRIR nomination. Kai is working across the table from me, catching up with probably thousands of e-mails, but still with an eye on the new comments added, almost jumping for joy each time an old friend, an earlier PATRIRian or a new member posts its encouragements onto the website. Most of our people are outside today, organizing the Africa Days Festival here in Cluj. The rest of the team keeps working at the office as focused as always.  The International Peace and Development Training Center weekly meeting will start soon, Corina is going to meet the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Independence of Judges this afternoon, Mihai is finalizing the report of the last preparatory meeting for the Multicultural Festival, the discussion regarding the upcoming workshop on Preventing Electoral and Political Violence with the Commonwealth Secretariat is still going on… a normal working day at PATRIR and though, a meaningful day that aims at the end to always improve the field of peacebuilding, thank to a hardworking and professional team.

And here I am, new volunteer in PATRIR and still reading all your comments, finding myself, as young as I am here, in your messages of support, all so inspiring. Because, it’s not only the professionalism of the team that makes its incredible value, but the fact that every person working with PATRIR in different ways is truly dedicated to peace, truly believes in what they are doing and that all together we can make a difference. I don’t see better ingredients to impact this world toward peace. And yet, I am going to enjoy this great opportunity that has been offered to me to grow-up professionally as well as personally surrounded by such amazing people, kinda peace family!


Christine Josse

When I think of PATRIR the first thing that comes to mind are the wonderful people filled with passion , moved to tears by the needs around them and ready to do something : to stand for what is right ,  to go around the world or just to stay and be a friend. There can be seen as individuals with a big heart, as a team in action or as a family that cares . There is a say that behind every great man there is a great women ,I say about PATRIR that behind a great team there is a great man Kai Brand Jacobsen , a man that knew to inspire the people to be the change that they want to see in the world (Gandhi ) and to form a group of experts in different fields  in Romania and the rest of the world .

My name is Mihaela Kovacs , Director of Fundatia Beraca Sighisoara , a NGO that fights against domestic violence and I had the honor to came in contact with PATRIR several occasions as a participant at one of their trainings " The invisible violence against women" and as a speaker and facilitator  at Celebration of Multiculturalism hold in April 2010 an outstanding event organized by Camelia Popa that promoted the diversity and the beauty of cultures for more then 120 people . This event aloud me to make new friends  and interact with brilliant young people open and ready to be involved in their community to fight discrimination and to be open to the person next to you that might be a person with disability , a person from the roma community and so on.

PATRIR definitely   deserves the prize as a  recognition to all what their are and believe in .

May God bless them .

Sincerely Mihaela Kovacs , Director

Fundatia Beraca Sighisoara . 

Dear Jury Members and all of the friends and supporters that have dedicated time to share their thoughts about the place that has raised me as a peaceworker, PATRIR. 

I have worked with PATRIR since 2006, for for years as a full time staff and since 2010 as an associate.

I am really proud to be a member of the PATRIR team. Working in PATRIR contributed enormously to who I am and to what I do at this moment. It developed my skills with regards to peacebuilding and conflict transformation, gender equality and working with youth.

With PATRIR I had the opportunity to work at local, national and regional level. It gave me the chance of developing myself as well as contributing to developing other people's skills.

PATRIR was, is and always will be a great platform of developing peacebuilding ideas, personal development and transformation of one's world view.


I highly recommend PATRIR for this nomination since I consider it would be it  a worthy recognition of its work for the past 10 years. 


In peace,


Bianca Cseke


Invited Specialist
School of Social Science and School of Humanities
University of Georgia
77a Kostava Str., Tbilisi, 0175
mobile: +99595789300


When I returned back to Cluj in 2009 after living 2 years in the UK, I had a burning desire to do something about improving the relations between various ethnic groups in Cluj-Napoca and to address the issue of discrimination against the Roma people in Cluj. I knew that as a single person, I will not be able to do much and I called PATRIR to find out if they could provide support and if they had a programme that would go into the direction I was aiming to go. One phonecall and the next day I was part of the team and still am today and I am working with the most diverse, incredible and dedicated people I met in my life. Romania is a strategic place, full of potential and gifted people. PATRIR is a platform for anyone who wants to contribute to bringing a positive change in the country and ultimately the world.

Thank you for the nomination! What a priviledge!

Camelia Popa

programme coordinator - Department for Education for Peace and Development of PATRIR

Oh, yes!

This is a good opportunity for me to express my appreciation and to pay my respect to those people being parts of that wonderful spring of peace-workers called PATRIR!

I have had the chance to be one o the graduates of Systemic Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation & Post-War Stabilisation, Recovery, and Reconciliation Course organised by PATRIR. There are few remarks I want to make on this.

Beside the methods, knowledge and practical experience, there is the strong and well founded professionalism of entire personnel and the result comes at high educational standards. The graduates are enhanced with:

-      adequate vocabulary;

-      modern and useful concepts;

-      numerous case studies as reference for future experiences;

-      necessary abilities in dealing with unexpected situations;

-      formed competencies in the field of peace-working.

Next to the scholar goal stays the very broad international environment which realize the intercultural building of future TEAMS down in the field. So many people from different fields (Government, ONGs, Academic, Media) speaking the same “Peace Language” gave the perfect definition of Comprehensive Approach!

Personally, as an officer of the Romanian Army, I left the Course with a new perspective over my job. Among the good things I have learned there, the important lesson for me was that transcending is the most efficient solution of the conflicts.

As a lecturer in Crisis Management and Multinational Operations, I gain an alternative perspective in addressing the conflicts and crises: the peaceful one!

There were then other occasions to meet PATRIR and I saw plenty of facts behind their words! You all know them!

Oh, yes, I am convinced all the nominates are good and they did a lot, PATRIR deserves this nomination, and I proudly vote for it!

I have been blessed  to know Kai and of the work of PATRIR for many years. They are a inspiration and a example for us all in how to create a peaceful world. What they have achieved in 10 years is phenomenal and I know they will contribute even more in the next 10 years. So many people have been touched, so many communities have been transformed, the ripples of peace go far around the world.

I highly recommend PATRIR for this nomination and am sure the validation will help them to do even more.

For peace in the world to happen we need the work of PATRIR,  who not only teach us the practical steps but by their the example of Be the Change,  can ignite our inner light.



Congratulations and all best wishes to PATRIR as they continue their inspiring, effective and game-changing peacebuilding training, research, and on-the-ground efforts throughout the world. PATRIR brings a level of excellence, depth and definition to peacebuilding that serves globally as this field continues to emerge and as peace becomes an organizing principle in society. They are the very definition of living in right relationship with self, others and the world around us. Conflict transformation becomes a way of life as PATRIR helps to make violence history in sensible, workable and practical ways. Thank you for all you do. Keep on keeping on.

Dot Maver, President

National Peace Academy, USA

PATRIR has meant inspiration for and direction to my work on children and young people's peace building. It started when I first attended a course in 2004. In cooperation with Save the Children Norway PATRIR has made significant contributions to train young people from 23 countries in peace building and in supporting their peace initiatives. PATRIR combines conceptual and knowledge development with training and sharing of expriences and ideas; they combine theoretical work with praxis through mediation all over the world and they show enormous dedication to peace. It is this combination that gives me confidence in their work and efforts and my reason for recommending them to this prize.


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