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Here in PATRIR I had the chance of meeting people highly committed, and dedicated to promoting peace, conflict transformation, as well as the promotion of human rights through information and awareness raising, prevention of violence, and reconciliation. I want to express my gratitude for what these people are doing every day.

Sincerely supporting PATRIR's nomination for the Peace Prize.

In the fields of peacebuilding and conflict transformation, it is actually quite rare to find professionals who know how to balance optimism with pragmatic actions, sustain a legitimate reputation and make a vision come true. I was lucky enough to meet such professionals when I first attended peacebuilding and mediation trainings back in 2007 with PATRIR.


Kai Brand Jacobsen gave me precious lessons to learn, and was generous enough to share a lot of his life experiences with me. He not only taught me a lot from a professional perspective, but from a personal one as well, knowing that these two aspects are profoundly intertwined in peace work.


Having stayed in contact with PATRIR ever since, I also believe that the work they achieve is tremendously important. Empowering peaceworkers around the world, delivering powerful and nuanced policy advice on conflict and international matters, and most of all, developing a consistent and informed reflection framework for conflict transformation are amongst the most valuable contributions that PATRIR is making to our field. I can only admire people working at PATRIR for their dedication, strength and motivation, and thank them for their work. 


As a result, I give my full support to PATRIR in this contest, and truly hope they will receive the World Vision prize!


As member of the PATRIR team, I find it a constant challenge and opportunity, at the same time, to deal with issues such as conflict transformation, human rights and peacebuilding. Nonetheless, PATRIR has offered me and everyone who came into contact with the Institute, the tools and the space for capacity building and professional development support in order to address such issues effectively. And more important, PATRIR and the people who are daily building PATRIR have been a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

This nomination is a recognition of all this and much more and I support it wholeheartedly.

Iulia Socea

IPDTC Coordinator

I did a small project during the TEDxCluj encounter this Friday where PATRIR was one of the partners and supporters. I asked as many of the speakers I could find to give a message for peace due to our 10 year anniversary and nomination for the WV Peace Prize. Here are their responses and proof in form of picture of the booklet used to record their message.

For a bit of background, here are more info about the TED format - In Cluj people in PATRIR have been a part of the team and speakers of the TEDxCluj. In the first edition, Kai spoke about peace infrastructure and the need for it: here is the video -

PATRIRians that have gotten involved in TEDxCluj organising along the years: Paula Tonea, Camelia Popa, Raluca Vontea, Stefania Sabo, Ionut si Cosmin.

Messages for Peace - TEDxCluj Speakers

Mukul Pal, Co-Founder, Orpheus Capitals "Peace will invariably come, but when it comes we should cherish it."

Mihaela Panaite, stage manager, director at Sala Mica - first independent theatre in Cluj "Sa facem lucruri, spectacole vii." ("Let's do living/live things, performances.")

Andrei Gheorghe, radio and TV host and producer "Traiasca lupta pentru Pace!" ("Long live the fight for Peace.")

Daniel Homorodean, manager Arxia, co-founder PlanningWiz, world traveller "Pacea se naste din cunoastere si intelegere intre noi. Cand ne deschidem mintea si inima fata de cei din jur suntem pe drumul cel bun" ("Peace is born from knowledge and understanding between us. When we open our minds and our hearts towards those around us we are on the right track.")

Cor Geertsma, member of the Board ISDC "Love your neighbour like yourself"

Dan Calinescu, serial social entrepreneur "Let's go back to our human roots. Let's remember what it is to be human again. Let's be united, globally, in vision, purpose and action across religions, political ideologies and as a simple practical step towards peace, let's united the 2 dates for Easter! Peace"

Alexandru Tomescu, renowned violinist "Mai multa muzica clasica=mai multa pace, si nu doar pace sufleteasca. La cat mai multi ani! Cu drag" ("More classical music = more peace, and not only inner peace. For many more years! Dearly")

Dragos Cirneci, major in Behavioral Neurosciences applied in neuromarketing, neuroeconomy, health and evaluation of management abilities "Pentru Cluj, Romania Generating Change un mesaj pentru rezolvarea conflictelor" (For Cluj, Romania generating change a message for conflict resolution)

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Dear Jury Members, dear Mr. Fisher and all of the friends and supporters that have dedicated time to share their thoughts and convictions about PATRIR,


My name is Zsuzsanna Kacso, I have been with PATRIR since 2005 first as simple assistant, then by gaining slowly experience through the wonderful opportunities offered to me, I have become one of PATRIR's leaders within the organisation.


I have decided tonight to put down my thoughts about PATRIR and the world that it had offered me since I came to know it, but I find myself saddened by the way people interpret the role of the feedback section. I was under the impression that no matter who wins or not, we are all here to celebrate the wonderful achievements of all nominees … not persons, but institutions made up of not one but a group of determined people. To celebrate what we all together can/ was able to achieve in the lives of so many others that needed all of us.


I am still living with the conviction that I am part of a select group of individuals and organisations that practices what it preaches and in case of misunderstandings, personal or of other nature, we put in practice what peace  culture had thought us: understanding, openness and reflection on us and others…that we are an UBUNTU group ...


Thus, I would like to offer this input to all of the nominated organisations and the individuals giving life to them, though I haven’t had the pleasure to getting to know the work of each of them separately.


What I have learned due to PATRIR and partners I have had the pleasure to work with is that we cannot exist one without the other … what I have learned is that if we stick together we can have an impact beyond what we had ever imagined … what I have learned is that hurt, frustration, anger can be cured by patience, care and forgiveness under the conditions of self evaluation, awareness and acknowledgement that we all are subject of extreme feelings … but we can all be cured if we have faith in one another. So, I celebrate all organisations that work under these premises as they offer me the comfort of knowing that at the end of my day my team, my people, my family Iulia, Rodica, Camelia, Ioana, Mihaela, Stefania, Paula, Zsolt, Mihai, Corina, Kai, Denis and Christine had not worked alone, they had others along in their endeavours. I salute all nominees for their efforts to assure that at the end of the day they give us and the communities they represent the power to be better, to set an example, to stand out in a context when blending in is the newest trend.


I am proud of being part of SUCH a group of people and organisations.


With best wishes,

Zsuzsanna Kacso

Director, International Peace and Development Training Center (IPDTC)


Mobile: +40 723 237 916 / +40 744 248 920

Tel/Fax: + 40 264 420 298



Mailing Address:


OP 1 - CP 331

Cluj - Napoca 400110



It is already an achievement that PATRIR is nominated for this prize, and they surely deserve it. They are professional, committed and passionate for peacebuilding. In my view, their work reflects a good balance between realism and the strong belief that peace is possible, despite challenges. Their approach is innovative and bold: it is transformation of societies, not quick fixes what builds peace.

Their trainnings are inspirational and informative. As partners, they have been reliable and energizing to work with. I support their nomination!

Celina Del Felice (former International Coordinator of United Network of Young Peacebuilders, Lecturer at World Peace Academy and Radboud University Nijmegen)


I wish to congratulate Kai and his committed team for the work that they have been doing over the years and recommend them for the World Vision International Peace Prize. I had the opportunity to attend two peacebuilding trainings organized by PATRIR in 2004: a short one in London and a one-week course in Cluj-Napoca. Both were excellent trainings in terms of methodology, design, content and participants, which is why I have highly recommended PATRIR trainings to anyone interested in learning more about peacebuilding. PATRIR also gave me an invaluable opportunity to meet with other peacebuilding practitioners, exchange experiences and explore potential work together.

I hope to have the opportunity to work more closely with PATRIR in the future.

My very best wishes to the whole PATRIR team, hoping that they will receive the World Vision International Peace Prize. They deserve it.


Lecturer in peace and conflict studies and consultant

PATRIR showed me what passion combined with professionalism means.  Personally, I owe a lot to this Institute as it is the environment that , so to say, brought me up. It was both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity because it taught me a lot, starting from the basis of critical thinking to what a peacebuilding network and a holistic approach mean; the challenge because you have to give your best and not to let yourself or the others down. I am grateful that I had the chance to see that its passion and vision are carried along by those whom came in contact with it.  


I am thruly thankful to all those whom I have meet in or via PATRIR.


In addition to this, I believe that PATRIR's role in the country and in the region is of utmost importance. Thus, I stand for its nomination for the Peace Prize.

I have been in PATRIR as an intern from September 2010 untill February 2011. Tough I stayed a short time there, I can say that it has been a great and valuable experience for me on the professional as well as on personal level. The team and volunteers working for PATRIR are fully dedicated in peacebuilding and conflict transformation and it gaves me the willingness to pursue my engagement in this field.


Best Regards

Joseph Luciani

Working with PATRIR was one of my best experience. The people that work there are fully committed to their values, are inspirational and able to change the world step by step with every word they say, every activity they implement and every project they envision and develop.


It is a huge opportunity for Romania to have them located in our country and a great opportunity for the whole world to have active contributors that fight for achieving the global peace.


Long live PATRIR,

Alexandra Martin

Former Youth Delegate of Romania to the United Nations,

PATRIR is ab outstanding example of what some inspired people can achive, inspiring others with their faith in non-violent conflict resolution. Starting from (almost) nothing and (from a Westerner's eye) in nowhere, it has by now become a name known all over Europe (and further) for its high standards in training as well es in practical peacebuilding activities. It's outreach especially to South-Eastern and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region is unparalleled; it has been a huge support and encouragement for the diverse local peace initiatives that otherwise would have gone unnoticed or even been suppressed by mainstream nationalism in their countries. A Peace Prize to PATRIR is a peace prize to peacebuilding itself. Best wishes!

Tilman Evers

Co-founder, ex-chair and board member of Forum Civil Peace Service, Germany

Co-founder of the European Network for Civil Peace Services EN.CPS



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