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Sami Rasouli is the Founder and Director of the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT), an Iraqi registered NGO. MPT began in January, 2005, in response to the violence that has erupted in Iraq since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. MPT has no political ambition nor religious agenda. MPT was inspired by the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) that have been active in Iraq since 2002.

Mission of the MPT: Bring Iraqis together in peace and to work for the good of the country. Encourage Iraqi people to be self-sufficient in the face of the violence across the country.

Make-up of the MPT: The model for MPT is currently being developed in and around the southern city of Najaf. MPT is working with other Iraqi groups that share the same nonviolent values in Karbala, Fallujah, Basra, Baghdad and Kurdistan. MPT is open to all of Iraqi society and all international groups that promote peace-building and democracy in united Iraq, regardless of their religious background.

Along with other NGOs, MPT obtains funding for projects from international agencies. Our projects are developed in response to the constantly changing needs of a population deeply stressed by violence, chaos, the devastation of war and enduring occupation and economic deprivation.

Current Activities of the MPT:

  • Design resiliency projects for a variety of community needs.

MPT works closely with local communities and is ready to respond quickly to

both needs and opportunities as they arise.

    • Spring, 2007, we conducted a Reconciliation Project, funded by the United Nations, to settle controversy about parts of the Iraqi constitution.
    • 2008, we responded to a cholera outbreak by educating restaurateurs and families in their homes about cholera prevention.
    • Current,
      • Fundraising to build and staff a Cancer Center with diagnostic services. (At this time, the only Iraqi diagnostic cancer center is in Baghdad, a treacherous journey from Najaf.)
      • Protecting the health of children and youth by procuring and installing water filters for elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools.
  • Provide training to raise awareness about the roots of nonviolence in Islamic teaching.
  • Educate about and support the important role Iraqi women have in rebuilding a peaceful society that protects their rights in a free and democratic Iraq.
    • MPT works closely with NGOs, led by women members, offer vocational training for women that includes literacy, tailoring, computer literacy and leadership skills in rural and urban sides as well.
    • In MPT meetings, women and men are invited to sit side by side. Women are addressing meetings and teaching skills like forgiveness and accepting each other.

  • Promote nonviolence projects using artwork done by local Iraqi artists.
    • In 2007, we sponsored an art exhibit promoting nonviolence that featured work by artists of both genders, children and adults.

  • Develop intercultural understanding through the exchange of art and letters of friendship between American and Iraqi children and adults.
    • Each spring, from 2004 through today, Iraqi paintings are displayed in the US at churches, colleges, art crawls and galleries to build cultural bridges between our peoples.
    • We and our North American friends gather letters from schoolchildren writing about their desires for peace. The letters are shared on a website. US teachers develop lessons about Iraqi children, their art and culture, and their school experiences to share with US children.

MPT Partner in the U.S.: Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project

The mission of the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) is to promote reconciliation between the people of the United States and Iraq in response to the devastation affecting Iraqi families, society, and culture. IARP recognizes the common humanity of the people of Iraq and the people of the United States.


IARP Goals

  1. Build bridges between the people of Iraq and the United States through art, education, health, and cultural exchange programs.
  2. Provide material support to the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT).
  3. Raise consciousness in the American public about the well-being of average Iraqis, their daily lives, and their culture.

MPT and Ara Pacis Initiative

MPT is an active partner of the Ara Pacis Initiative, Italy ( Sami Rasouli, MPT Director, is a member of its Council for Dignity, Forgiveness, Justice and Reconciliation (


Future Activities of the MPT:

  • Approach 18 US cities about becoming a sister city with a designated Iraqi city.
    • We desire to shift the status of Iraq from a country occupied by the US to a country that is a sister of the US.

MPT Contact Info:

phone: 964.780.425.1707


Sami Rasouli, Director:

May GOD give us more strength to continue our advocacy for peace; peace in our heart, mind, body , soul and spirit. These may ignite to our family, friends, community, country and the whole world. 

kalinaw mindanao movement, inc. Year theme " Blessed are those who work for peace for they shall be called the children of the Holy GOD"


GOD bless all peace advocates!


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