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Vehid Sehic is one of the greatest people I have met and had chance to work with. I believe that he made tremendous contribution to peace and reconciliation process in Bosnia and Herzegovina and his activism in Civil Society sector in BiH is great example for all of us to be followed.

Ever since we first me Mr. Vehid Sehic, in 1994, during the war in Bosnia and Hercegovina, we have been impressed by his commitment to peace, democracy and human rights. In his work and programs, that have motivated many in BiH to fight nationalism, the concept of citizenship (and equal rights for all citizens, regardless of their ethnic or religious background) is the underpinning principle. He is a key person in many national and regional discussions and projects, and it is due to his work and that of his likeminded colleagues that we will not give up on BiH, even though developments are troublesome and in many fields the situation is even getting worse.


Dion van den Berg, on behalf of IKV Pax Christi (the Netherlands)

My work as a peace activist would not have been the same without Vehid Sehic. Working with and for him for many years, I learned so much. Not about projects, formats, program development or mangement, but about people, human values and perserverance. That the essence is your moral compass and your ability to trust it and to stick to it, also when times get rough. As a Dutch person I sometimes had the idea that work is what you do behind your computer,or in conference rooms and meetings. But Vehid's work meant driving for hours to (small) places where he wasn't always wanted, sitting in public places and making contact with citizens. People came to him simply cause he took the effort to drive to their village and town and because people knew what he stood for and what he did when times were rough. He continued to promote human rights and to strenghtenthe voice of civil society in BiH and the wider region, also when most others gave up. By speaking out (also when it was uneasy ), by putting citizens and human security first, by having endless faith in civic courage, by bringing people together and moreover by being himself, he stands for a Bosnia Herzegovina that we all want.


I have had the honour of working with Mr. Sehic since 1994. Mr. Sehic and his colleagues at the Forum were among the first people who were courageous enough to publicly speak out against ethnic division, and advocate for a civic Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, he continued to seek and maintain contact with like-minded activists in other parts of Bosnia and former Yugoslavia during the war. Moreover, he protested publicly against crimes committed against ethnic minorities in the Muslim-controlled areas in Bosnia. Such activities were not devoid of danger in prevailing athmosphere at the time.

Within weeks after the war ended, Mr. Sehic undertook a trip to the Republika Srpska to find likeminded people, with whom his organization could cooperate to re-establish connections between their respective communities, and overcome the deep rifts created by the war. Ever since, Mr. Sehic has been a tireless advocate for overcoming ethnic or national rivalries, and for a Bosnia-Herzegovina based on a civic rather than an ethnic basis.

Despite personal attacks against him in the media, as well as attempts to draw him into one camp or the other, Mr. Sehic has always stayed his own course over the years, advocating for the multi-ethnic Bossia-Herzegovina that he believes in. Therefore, his nomination is well-deserved.


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