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Patrir is an organisation where  "global" and  "local" meet in order to make our small planet a better and happier space for living. Managed by a few inspired and devoted people of different ages and professional background, Patrir has become a peacebuilding NGO where one can learn, grow and develop both spiritually and professionally.
> Patrir team has proved over its ten years of existence that the happy faces of children while drawing their peaceful planet, the successfully mediated conflict between two communities, the interaction meeting among public authorities and civil society representatives in solving community problems, the training programs in peacebuilding  offered for professionals all over the world are at least as valuable as high level peace negotiations at UN level.
> I am proud of being an alumni of Patrir and I fully recommend Patrir team for the WV Peace Prize.

Cecilia Deme

Peace Brigades International- Nepal 


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